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Department of Surgery Represented in MCWAH 2012 Research Awards

Rebecca Rentea, MD, and Ashley Cayo, MD, were among 20 recipients for the MCWAH research awards.  Dr. Rentea is a PGY 3 while Dr. Cayo is a PGY 4.

Ashley Cayo, MD

Dr. Ashley Cayo's research was entitled "Predicting the need for calcium and calcitriol supplementation after total thyroidectomy: Results of a prospective, randomized study" on which she was the first author.  This study is a randomized, prospective study of the necessity of postoperative calcium and calcitriol supplementation in patients following total thyroidectomy.  It is the first randomized, prospective study on this topic in the published literature.




Rebecca Rentea, MD

Dr. Rebecca Rentea's research was entitled "Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase Administration In Newborns Is Protective of Gut Barrier Function In a Neonatal Necrotizing Enterocolitis Rat Model." The research was focused on the protective role of intestinal alkaline phosphatase in necrotizing enterocolitis.

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