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Paul Jeziorczak, MD, MPHPaul Jeziorczak Receives NCE 2012 Award

Paul Jeziorczak, MD, MPH received one of the NCE 2012 Physician-In-Training Awards in the Section of Critical Care for his basic science research oral presentation at the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference in New Orleans, LA, in October 2012.  His presentation was titled "Glycyrrhizic Acid Does Not Reverse Microparticle-Induced Pulmonary Endothelial Permeability", Paul Jeziorczak, MD MPH; James A. Rydlewicz, MD; Sushma Kaul, MS; Christopher J. Kuckleburg, John C. Densmore, MD.

This research was performed as part of his work for the Dr. John Densmore lab in the Division of Pediatric Surgery into the mechanism of Lung Injury (ALI) and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). These are pathologic conditions that each have 30% mortality and lead to approximately 240,000 adult hospitalizations per year in the US alone. 72,000 deaths and 3.4 million extra ICU days per year can be attributed to ALI and ARDS. Current treatment reflect current knowledge gap in the early initiators of lung injury, a highly morbid and costly clinical fate.

The lab was the first to describe Endothelium-derived microparticles (EMPs) as a novel and likely important cause of lung injury. Dr. Densmore's sentinel paper titled “Endothelium-Derived Microparticles Induce Endothelial Dysfunction and Acute Lung Injury” was published in Shock in 2006 (Shock 26:464-471, 2006). Endothelium-derived microparticles (EMPs) are submicron endothelial cell fragments released into the circulation during endothelial stress, activation or apoptosis. Their ongoing research continues to focus on the EMP role in this pathway and potential therapeutic interventions.

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