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Faculty Development is a Top Priority in the Department of Surgery

Drs. Jon Gould and Travis Webb recently returned from the week-long Harvard Leadership for Physician Executives Seminar

“LEAD - Leveraging potential, Engaging commitment, Aligning judgment, and Developing capabilities.” These are four key principles of effective leadership that we recently learned how to apply to our leadership roles during an intensive weeklong seminar sponsored by the Harvard Medical School and the Levinson Institute.  In medical school we learned all about how to be a doctor. In residencies, we learn how to be a surgeon. Through courses like the Leadership for Physician Executives seminar, we are learning how to be effective and accountable leaders. This course which has been offered for over 30 years provides an opportunity to meet, network, and discuss leadership principles with an international group of faculty and participants. The experience was incredibly valuable for us and provided us with great insight into our own management styles and habits (both good and bad). We hope the knowledge and skills gained will benefit us, those we lead, the Department of Surgery, and our organization for many years to come.  We both returned to Milwaukee with new ideas and enthusiasm for our leadership roles and clearer insight into how we can prepare our teams to realize our vision for the future. 


          Jon Gould, MD   Travis Webb, MD          

Jon Gould, MD


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