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Dr. Karen Brasel's Presentation at White Coat Ceremony 2012

On Friday, August 10, 2012, MCW's 17th annual White Coat Ceremony celebrated our incoming medical students into the medical profession.  In Dr. Joseph Kerschner's August 20 email Monday Morning Coffee with the Dean, he describes the various presentations and highlights Dr. Karen Brasel's presentation to the students.

"But I believe the highlight of the event were the heartfelt words spoken by Karen Brasel, MD, MPH, Professor of Surgery, who asked our students to begin to increase their levels of empathy going forward and encouraged them to engage with and listen to their patients.  She suggested that the simple act of sitting down with patients and putting them between “you and the door” demonstrates this engagement and also highlights a physician’s attention to, and focus on, the patients’ needs.  These two summary sentences cannot begin to do justice to Dr. Brasel’s splendid address; I encourage you, therefore, to view the White Coat Ceremony video to experience Dr. Brasel’s entire speech."

Karen Brasel, MD MPH

Karen Brasel, MD, MPH


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