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On February 14-16, the Association for Academic Surgery held their 7th Annual Academic Surgical Congress in Las Vegas, Nevada. The AAS was founded in 1967 and its mission remains promotion of a shared vision of research and academic pursuits through the exchange of ideas between senior surgical residents, junior faculty and established academic surgical professors.  It also promotes and supports the careers of surgical fellows and junior surgical faculty through programs targeting faculty and academic development.  This year, the Department of Surgery had a strong showing with fourteen presentations at the Academic Surgical Congress with both oral and poster presentations.

Quick Shot Presentations
“Maximizing The Utility of the Morbidity and Mortality Conference For Quality Improvement And Safety Initiatives.”  H.L. Chang, R. Thielke, L.D. Cassidy, M.J. Arca

“Radioactive Iodine:  An Unlikely Cause of Primary Hyperparathyroidism.”  A.L. Amin, S. Wu, T.W. Yen, K. Doffek, T.S. Wang

“Factors That Influence Parathyroid Hormone Half-life:  Are New Intraoperative Criteria Needed?” A.J. Leiker, T.W. Yen, D.C. Eastwood, K. Doffek, A. Szabo, D.B. Evans, T.S. Wang

“Successful Treatment Regimens For Hospital and Community Acquired MRSA.”  A. Dua, J. A. Weigelt

“Factors Associated With Surgeon-Reported Conflict About The Goals of Postoperative Care For Patients With Poor Operative Outcomes.”  T.J. Paul Olson, A.J. Redmann, K.J. Brasel, G. Alexander, M.L. Schwarze

AAS Medical Student Quick Shots
“Response of Type II Diabetes Mellitus To the Preoperative Liquid Diet As A Predictive Model for Diabetes Resolution In Bariatric surgery Patients.”  S.M. Biro, D.L. Olsen, M.J. Garren, J.C. Gould

Outcomes Plenary Session
“Do Surgeons Expect Patients To Buy-in To Postoperative Life Support Preoperatively?  A National Survey Of Surgeons Who Routinely Perform High Risk Operations.”  M.L. Schwarze, A.J. Redmann, G.C. Alexander, K.J. Brasel.

SUS New Members Poster Session
“The Impact of Training Under Different Visual-Spatial Conditions On Reverse- Alignment Laparoscopic Skills Development.”  J.C. Gould

“Hepatectomy For Non-colorectal Nonneuroendocrine Metastatic Cancer:  A Multi-Institutional Analysis.”  T.C. Gamblin

Integrated Oral Presentation Sessions
“Developmental Changes of NADPH Oxidase Activity And Subsequent Effects On A Rat Model of Necrotizing Enterocolitis.”  S.R. Welak, R. Teng, K.A. Pritchard, R. M. Rentea, K.M. Fredrich, D. M. Gourlay

“Perceived Barriers To Professional Advancement In Academic Surgery:  A Structured Analysis Of Gender-Based Differences.”  T. Hauschild, W.B. Elder, L.A. Neumayer, K.J. Brasel, M. Crandall, A. Cochran

“Tackling Technical Skills Competency:  A Surgical Skills Rating Tool.”  T.J. Wade, T.P. Webb.

“Elderly Surgical Patients:  Are There Gaps in Residency Education?”  T. J. Wade, J. Petronovich, K. Denson, D. Simpson, D. Brown, T. Webb

“Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase Administration In Newborns Decreases Inflammatory Cytokine Expression In A Neonatal Necrotizing Enterocolitis Rat Model.”  R. M. Rentea, S. R. Welak, K.M. Friedrich, K.A. Pritchard, K.T. Oldham, D. Gourlay

“Differences In Major Bleeding Events in Elderly Surgical Patients Receiving Low Molecular Weight Heparin (LMWH) Versus Low-Dose Unfractionated Heparin (LDUH).”  J. C. Roberts, R. Jones, R. Rentea, D. Helbling, K. J. Brasel

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