Fluoroscopy Credential Training


According to Wisconsin State Radiation Control Regulation HFS 157.74(2)(a), "Each individual who operates x–ray equipment shall be instructed in the safe operating procedures for each specific device and be competent in the safe use of the equipment as determined by the registrant."

This web page is designed to provide an online training and testing resource to meet the requirement listed above.

Who is required to take the exam?  Click here for the X-Ray Use Policy. (FH Intranet)


Read the syllabus, "Medical Fluoroscopy: A Guide for Safe Use."  This study guide may be viewed online, or print out a copy for reference.

Login to take the exam.  You must correctly answer 80% of the questions (16 out of 20) to receive a passing score.  You may use the syllabus as a reference, this is an "open book" test.

You will be notified by email of your score.  If you receive a passing score, the Medical Staffing Office will be automatically notified and your credential recorded.  If you have not achieved a passing score, you must retake the exam (no limit on the number of retakes).

If you have trouble logging in to the system, please contact one of the following:

Robin Neel, Special Assistant, Sr. VP Medical Affairs

Robert Yoss, Radiation Safety Coordinator

MCW Office of Radiation Safety

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