Greetings from President Raymond

This letter is from John R. Raymond, Sr., MD, President and CEO.

March 22, 2011 College News - It seems to me that spring is around the corner, although I have been cautioned not to put away my snow boots just yet. This change of seasons feels like a nice time to recognize what is germinating at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Each day I hear from someone who has a terrific idea (frequently from many “someones” with many great ideas). Some ideas are specific to a clinical practice or research grant, but most ideas present opportunities to engage people across our missions. It is the dynamic environment of an academic medical center in which researchers, teachers, scholars, and clinicians connect for translational discovery or integrated learning.

I realize that making connections across missions can be challenging in an environment in which our community is spread across the region. In the coming months, we will introduce a few virtual communications features that will help us get to know each other no matter where we work. You will see a new look soon on InfoScope and on, with feature photos and stories about work, practice, discovery, community engagement and learning at MCW. We also will improve our wireless access so that faculty, staff and students can be more mobile and efficient in MCW facilities.

Our recent communication venue, Ask the President, has been active for just over two months, and we have learned quite a lot from this forum. Common themes include inquiries about initiatives with and among our affiliates, MCW priorities and College benefits programs. More recently, several Ask the President questions have been difficult to respond to because the tone has been negative or sarcastic, the context is too personal, or the posting is more of a vent than a question.

It is very important to me that all members of our faculty, staff and student bodies have an opportunity to pose questions to College leaders and to receive genuine responses. I request that questions reflect the purpose of Ask the President as a respectful forum to address issues that affect our institution and our community.

We will continue to seek best practices and different methods to engage you as part of the MCW community. Your ideas are welcomed.

As we transition to spring, I hope to see many of you enjoying lunch on the lawn at MCW, and taking time to engage in dialogue with colleagues, students and friends. I thank you for your essential contributions to our great College.

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