MCW In The News, 2013

Archived Medical College of Wisconsin In The News stories from 2013.

Dr. Dharmapuri Discusses Possible Impact of Hunger on College Retention, Completion Rates

Dec 27 - Dr. Sadhana Dharmapuri comments on the possible impact of hunger on college retention and completion rates in an article in Inside Higher Education. Inside Higher Education

Dr. Kroft Discusses Impact of Medicare Caps on Some Laboratory Services

Dec 27 - Dr. Steven Kroft discusses the impact of proposed Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services caps on some laboratory services. Advance

Dr. Coburn Comments on Importance of Study on Lyme Disease

Dec 27 - Jenifer Coburn, PhD, provides expert comment to The Scientist on the importance of a University of Calgary/University of Connecticut study that found that a protein expressed in the bacterium that causes Lyme disease is necessary for both parts of the organism’s life cycle. The Scientist

Editorial Cites College for Violence Prevention Initiative’s Ripple Effect Milwaukee Program

Dec 27 - A Milwaukee Courier editorial recognizes MCW and the Boys and Girls Clubs for their leading efforts through the Violence Prevention Initiative’s Ripple Effect Milwaukee program. Milwaukee Courier

Dr. Kuhlmann to Provide Perinatology Services for Agnesian Health Care

Dec 27 - Dr. Randall Kuhlmann has been appointed to the Agnesian Health Care (Fond du Lac) medical staff to provide perinatology services. fdlreporter

Dr. Vithalani Elected to BioForward Board of Directors

Dec 27 - Kalpa Vithalani, PhD, was elected to the Board of Directors of BioForward, a state association that advocates for Wisconsin’s bioscience industry. BioForward

Dr. Ledeboer Endorses Need for Updated HIV Algorithm

Dec 27 - Nathan Ledeboer, PhD, endorsed the development of an updated algorithm for HIV testing. CAP Today

Dr. Lamb Receives an AAMC Learning Health System Planning Award

Dec 27 - Dr. Geoffrey Lamb received a Learning Health System Planning Award by the Association of American Medical Colleges. WauwatosaNOW

Mandatory Newborn Heart Test Legislation Stalled in State Committees

Dec 27 - Dr. Stuart Berger tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that, “Early detection (of heart disease) saves lives.” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Kurpad Reports on Promising Alternative Imaging Technique for Spinal Cord Injury

Dec 27 - Dr. Shekar Kurpad and colleagues at MCW and Marquette University report in Neurosurgery that an alternative imaging technique called diffusion tensor imaging shows promise in forecasting, evaluating and monitoring patients with spinal cord injury and disease. Health Canal

Study that Finds Concussion Tests’ Marketing Lacks Reliability and Validity

Dec 27 - Michael McCrea, PhD, is co-author of a study in Neuropsychology Review that found inconsistent reliability and validity of tests on commercially available computerized neurocognitive tests on concussions. Health Canal

Physician Awarded CTSI Grant to Improve Resident Communications

Dec 27 - The Clinical and Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin awarded a $25,000 grant to Dr. Jessica Kuester to improve the communications between resident physicians as the care of patients is transitioned between residents. WauwatosaNOW

Physicians Awarded CTSI Grant to Manage Sickle Cell Disease

Dec 27 - The Clinical and Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin awarded a $25,000 grant to Dr. Joshua Field to develop a new management protocol for sickle cell disease patients, with the end goal being reduced hospital readmission rates. WauwatosaNOW

Carthage College Football Players Participate in Sports-Concussion Research Study

Dec 27 - A Kenosha News article focuses on the participation of Carthage College’s football team in a sports-related concussion study being conducted by Michael McCrea, PhD. Kenosha News

Northwestern Mutual Donates $2 Million to Create Day Hospital for Cancer Patients

Dec 27 - The Northwestern Mutual Foundation is donating $2 million to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin to create the Northwestern Mutual Day Hospital for Childhood Cancer. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Campus Dean named for MCW-Green Bay

Matthew Hunsaker, MD, will provide overall leadership of MCW’s community medical education program in Green Bay.

Dr. Ledeboer Discusses New Tests Providing Faster Results for Sepsis

Dec 18 - Nate Ledeboer, PhD, said that new testing procedures for sepsis have reduced the waiting time for results to 50 hours, days sooner than previous methods. WUWM-FM

Editorial Quotes Dr. Scott in Quest for Public Reporting on Screening Test Efficiency

Dec 18 - A Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial endorses a decision by the Wisconsin Department of Health to provide Wisconsin hospitals with monthly reports on how well they are performing on processing newborn screening blood samples. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Amos Finds that Iron Supplements Effectively Treat Restless Leg Syndrome in Children

Dec 18 - Dr. Louella Amos was lead author of an article published in Clinical Pediatrics that found that treatments of supplemental iron effectively resolved restless leg syndrome in children. Family Practice News

Concussion Discussion

Dec 17 - A concussion study involving the use of accelerometers to measure the direction, speed, force and length of hits in Carthage College football players was the subject of a story. Kenosha News

Dr. Scott Supports Plan to Report Hospital Performance on Newborn Screening Metrics

Dec 11 - Dr. J. Paul Scott endorses a new Wisconsin plan to issue monthly quality assurance reports to hospitals on how they perform in newborn screening metrics. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. McCrea Discusses Research on Football-Related Concussions

Dec 11 - Michael McCrea, PhD, discusses his research on football-related concussions in an interview with Green Bay’s NBC-TV/Channel 26.

Dr. Jones Reports Increase in Babies Born to Prescription Drug Addicted Mothers

Dec 6 - In a Fox-TV/Channel 6 interview on babies born to drug-addicted mothers, Dr. Cresta Jones notes an increasing number of babies are being born to mothers addicted to prescription medications. Fox 6 News

Dr. Kuy Authors Article on the Need to Improve Gallbladder Treatment and Outcomes for Men

Dec 6 - Dr. SreyRam Kuy, an MCW Vascular Surgery Fellow, authored an article on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Human Capital Blog entitled, “The Imperative to Improve Gallbladder Disease Treatment and Outcomes for Men.” Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Human Capital Blog

Dr. Hargarten Discusses His Participation in UN Meeting on Gun Safety

Dec 6 - Dr. Stephen Hargarten discusses his participation in a United Nations’ meeting on gun safety. Fox 6 News

Dr. Worthey Reports on Study Detecting Genes Responsible for Speech Disorder

Dec 6 - Elizabeth Worthey, PhD, reports on an MCW/Children’s study published in the Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders that identified genes responsible for childhood apraxia. WUWM-FM

Somna Therapeutics Seeks FDA Approval to Market the Reza Band

Dec 6 - Somna Therapeutics filed an application with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration for approval to market the Reza band, an adjustable band worn at night to prevent stomach acid from rising into the throat. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Greendale Medical Clinic Becomes Community Physicians Clinic

Dec 6 - The Greendale Medical Clinic, a two-physician practice, became a Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Community Physicians Clinic on December 1. Milwaukee Business Journal

Dr. Hong Reports on Pediatric Liver Transplant Outcomes

Dec 6 - In a study published online in JAMA Surgery, Dr. Johnny Hong reports that liver transplant outcomes in children are similar whether organ donation follows circulatory or brain death. News Daily

Somna Therapeutics Seeks FDA Approval for Acid Reflux Device

Nov 27 - Somna Therapeutics, a local company, has asked the FDA for approval to market the Reza Band, a device that is designed to alleviate nighttime acid reflux symptoms. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Lawton Issues Statement on Increase of Self-Referrals to Urologist-Owned IMRT Facilities

Nov 26 - A New England Journal of Medicine “Special Article” identifies a 19.2 percent increase from 2005 to 2010 in the use of intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) for prostate cancer patients by urologists who self-refer to their own in-office IMRT centers. Oncology Times

Hard Hits: Studying Concussion in Athletes

Concussion study could make sports safer for athletes

Dr. Gilbert Comments on Dangerous Chemicals Found in E-Cigarettes

Nov 26 - Dr. Ileen Gilbert provides expert comment to Fox/Channel 6 on the potential benefits of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool, but also the health risks associated with dangerous chemicals in the product. Fox 6 News

Investigative Report on Newborn Screening Lab Delays

Nov 26 - Dr. David Dimmock describes the life-saving efforts employed to treat a baby transferred to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin with an undiagnosed disorder. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Organizations Announce Discussions to Explore Collaborations

Nov 26 - Aurora Health Care and UW Health announced that they were in talks to explore future collaborations. Milwaukee Business Journal

Rare Rotationplasty Surgery Provides Child with New Knee Joint

Nov 26 - NBC-TV/Channel 4 reports on a rare rotationplasty procedure surgery performed by Dr. John C. Neilson with colleagues at Froedtert and Children’s. 620WTMJ News Radio

New Retinal Imaging Methods

National Eye Institute supporting new retinal imaging methods for diagnosing and treating eye disease. News-Medical

Partnership Noted during “Topping Out” Ceremony for Gehl-Mulva Science Center

Nov 8 - St. Norbert College President Thomas Kunkel discusses the St. Norbert/MCW partnership in a YouTube video on the “topping out” ceremony for St. Norbert’s Gehl-Mulva Science Center. Youtube

The Course of Their Lives

Oct 9 - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel follows six M1 students through anatomy class, from the first day of lecture to the memorial service honoring the donors who provided this critical part of their medical education. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Genetic Sequencing Solves Mystery Diseases in Adults, Kids

Oct 3 - A New England Journal of Medicine editorial written by Howard Jacob, PhD, Warren P. Knowles Professor of Genetics and director of the Human and Molecular Genetics Center, was referenced in a USA Today article about the clinical utility of next generation sequencing. USA Today

Dr. Kerschner Named Founding Secretary of International Society for Otitis Media

Sept 30 - Dr. Joseph E. Kerschner has been named the founding Secretary of the International Society for Otitis Media.

Dr. Woodson Discusses How Sleep Loss Impacts Cardiovascular System, Metabolism

Aug 2 - Dr. B. Tucker Woodson discusses how sleep deprivation can impact the cardiovascular system and metabolism in Health Matters with Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Everyday Health

Dr. Grayson Comments on Study on Genetic Origins of Human Allergies

Aug 2 - Dr. Mitchell Grayson provides expert comment in a U.S. News & World Report article on a study on a connective tissue disorder that could provide information on the genetic origin of nearly all human allergies and allergic diseases. U.S. News & World Report

Dr. Hong Discusses Expansion of Transplant Program

Aug 2 - Dr. Johnny Hong discusses plans to expand the joint organ transplant program for MCW, Froedtert, Children’s and the BloodCenter in the Milwaukee Business Journal. Milwaukee Business Journal

MCW Announces Targeted Start Dates for Green Bay, Central Wisconsin Campuses

Aug 2 - MCW announced targeted start dates for the community-based medical education campuses in Green Bay and Central Wisconsin. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

MCW Selects Locations for Central Wisconsin Campus

July 2 - The Medical College of Wisconsin today announced two locales for its new community medical education program in central Wisconsin. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

MCW Launches $65 Million Fundraising Campaign for Genomic Sequencing

June 24 - MCW is raising $65 million to support genetic sequencing research. In a front-page story in the Milwaukee Business Journal, Howard Jacob, PhD, describes how the research will expand MCW’s capabilities to identify difficult-to-detect diseases and predicting patient risk for developing cancers and other diseases. Milwaukee Business Journal

Parents should trust instincts about children’s illnesses

July 1 - Dr. Cecille Sulman and Dr. Lisa Zetley were interviewed by the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle about parents’ concerns about evaluating children’s symptoms, and making the decision to contact a physician or visit urgent care or an emergency room. The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Continuing Medical Education: State to Begin Random Audits of CME Credits

June 17 - Dr. Kenneth Simons provides expert comment in a Fox/Channel 6 report on changes to state oversight of continuing medical education credits. Fox 6 Now

Dr. Braza Selected for Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine Program for Women

June 3 - Dr. Diane Braza has been selected to participate in the 2013-2014 Hedwig van Ameringen Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine Program for Women. WauwatosaNOW

State Committee Supports Funding for New Campuses, Expanded Primary Care Residencies

June 3 - Wisconsin’s state budget committee approved $7.4 million to help MCW develop new campuses in the Green Bay area and Central Wisconsin.

Genetics Center is First in the World to Offer Complete Whole Genome Sequencing

May 27 - MCW’s Human and Molecular Genetics Center is the first in the world to offer complete whole genome sequencing, from patient consent through the return of clinical results, to patients worldwide. Fox 6 Now &

MCW Celebrates 120th Anniversary

May 13 - MCW will celebrate its 120th anniversary on the College’s founding date, May 20. WauwatosaNOW

State Building Commission Approves State Financing for MCW Campuses

March 25 - The Wisconsin State Building Commission approved state financing to support MCW’s community based education programs for medical education in Green Bay and Central Wisconsin. BizTimes

Saving lives with CPR

March 20 - Tom P. Aufderheide, MD, professor of emergency medicine, was interviewed about new guidelines for CPR and the importance of training bystanders to perform CPR. WTMJ-TV

College Named to 2013 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll

March 12 - MCW is one of 13 Wisconsin colleges and universities named to the 2013 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Impact of Sequestration on MCW

March 12 - Sequestration will force $5-9 million in federal funding cuts to MCW. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel & The Badger Herald

Sequestration threatens MCW’s research and education

March 1 - An opinion editorial written by Dr. Raymond, Dr. Kerschner, and Mr. Bolton identifies the potential impact of sequestration on the Medical College’s missions. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Governor’s Budget Includes Funds for Community-Based Medical Education Programs

Feb. 27 - Governor Scott Walker’s proposed budget includes $7.4 million in bonding for MCW’s community-based medical education campuses in Central Wisconsin and Green Bay and $1.75 million to expand MCW’s family and community medicine residency program by 12 slots. Fox6 News, GazetteExtra, & St. Norbert Times

Dr. Raymond Discusses Benefits of Integrated Community Clinics

Feb. 19 - Dr. John R. Raymond, Sr., discusses the benefits of MCW and Froedtert Health’s decision to integrate the organizations’ community clinics. Becker's Hospital Review

Governor’s Budget Includes Funds for Community-Based Medical Education Programs

Feb. 19 - Governor Scott Walker’s budget proposal includes $7.4 million for MCW’s community-based medical education campuses, $1.75 million to expand MCW’s family and community medicine residency program, $4 million to help rural hospitals pool their resources and apply for graduate medical education accreditation, and $1 million to support medical residencies. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Wausau Leaders Excited about Money Proposed for MCW Campus in Central Wisconsin

Feb. 13 - John Raymond, Sr., MD, President and CEO of MCW, discussed Governor Walker’s proposed budget, which earmarks $7.4 million for MCW community medical education campuses in Central Wisconsin and Green Bay. WAOW TV

St. Norbert College Provides Details on New Science Building

Feb. 6 - St. Norbert College officials provided details on plans for a new $42 million science building, which also will house components of MCW’s community-based medical education program in Green Bay. Insight

458 College Physicians Selected by Peers for Inclusion in 2013 Best Doctors in America®

Feb. 6 - A total of 458 MCW physicians, representing 63 specialties, were selected by their peers for inclusion in the 2013 Best Doctors in America®. WauwatosaNOW

Chancellor Harden Expresses Commitment, Benefits of Green Bay Medical School Campus

Jan. 29 - In his mid-year Convocation address, UW-Green Bay Chancellor Thomas Harden describes his university’s commitment to MCW’s community-based medical education program in Green Bay and the benefits the new program will bring to UWGB. UWGB Inside Newsletter

100 Years of Collaboration - Public Forum

Jan. 22 - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recognized the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Marquette University School of Medicine in an editorial lauding Milwaukee’s Public Policy Forum. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Celebrating 100 Years of Collaboration

Jan. 22 - To mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Marquette University School of Medicine, Dr. John R. Raymond, Sr., and Father Scott Pilarz, President of Marquette University, co-authored an opinion editorial in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on the organizations’ 100 years of collaboration. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

100 Years of Collaboration

Jan. 14 - Dr. John Raymond, President and CEO of MCW, and Father Scott Pilarz, President of Marquette University, authored an op-ed celebrating a century of collaboration and partnership between the two institutions. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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