Zoo Interchange Fast Facts: The secret routes revealed!

(Hint: Discovery Parkway is the best kept secret!)

Jan. 08, 2014 College News - While Wisconsin Avenue is the most direct route to campus, not everyone can make their way here on the same road at the same time without causing traffic congestion. As a reminder, Watertown Plank Road remains open and accessible from Discovery Boulevard to the east.  If you normally access campus via Wisconsin Avenue, try one of these options instead:

  • From the north, try exiting on Watertown Plank Road west from US45 south.  This ramp is still open until spring. From here, take Swan Boulevard north to Discovery Parkway south.  It will free flow onto Watertown Plank Road east to 92nd Street, 87th Street and beyond.  
  • From the north or west, find your way to Hwy 100 and turn east onto Watertown Plank Road.  It doesn’t close until just east of Discovery Parkway/Innovation Drive.  Turn north onto Swan Boulevard to south Discovery Parkway which free flows onto east Watertown Plank Road.
  • From Wauwatosa, take a few extra minutes to travel north to North Avenue instead using of Wisconsin Avenue or Bluemound Road.  From North Avenue, take Swan Boulevard south to Discovery Parkway. 
  • From the south, try traveling past the Wisconsin Avenue exit a little farther north to North Avenue. From there, head east to Menomonee River Parkway or Swan Boulevard to Discovery Parkway. It may seem counter intuitive to drive past your destination on US45, but you may save time rather than fighting the morning rush on Wisconsin Avenue.   

Don’t forget about the alternative transportation options available. Shuttle service from the State Fair and Burleigh Street Park and Ride locations is available from 6am – 9am and 3pm – 6pm, Monday – Friday, free to all staff who work on campus or at Research Park.

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