Zoo Interchange Fast Facts:  What happened at the Intersection of 87th Street and Doyne Avenue?

Jan. 17, 2014 College News - If you arrive to campus via Wisconsin Avenue, you may have noticed significant backups in the days following the Watertown Plank Road and US45 closures. The bottleneck for traffic congestion was pinpointed at the intersection of 87th Street and Doyne Avenue.  In an effort to help alleviate congestion on Wisconsin Avenue, several actions have been taken:

  1. Parking was restricted on Wisconsin Avenue from 92nd Street to 87th Street to allow two lanes of traffic during the morning and afternoon rush hours:  6:00am – 8:30am; 3:30pm – 6:00pm. And as soon as weather allows, lane markings will be painted to better define the two lanes.
  2. A stop sign on 87th Street north at the Doyne Avenue intersection was removed to give travelers continuing north on 87th Street or those turning left onto Doyne Avenue the right-of-way. Traffic from the other directions should stop, and yield to this oncoming traffic. 
  3. Adaptive technology traffic signals were activated on Wisconsin Avenue between US45 and 84th Street. This new technology senses traffic patterns and volume and adapts accordingly to allow more time to the busiest traffic movements.

These improvements were made not only for the convenience of patients, visitors and staff, but Wisconsin Avenue to 87th Street is the recommended ambulance route to two busy emergency departments on campus.  Our greatest fear was that traffic congestion would cause a delay in the transfer of critically ill patients to our facilities. 

The right turn-only lane from 87th Street northbound into Sargeant Clinic will remain available for patients and staff.  Upon exiting the clinic, drivers should yield to traffic from the left.  Employees who park in the Froedtert east lot have two options to enter and exit – at the 87th/Doyne intersection and at the north entrance, located just south of the Medical College driveway.  

While these changes will take some time to get used to, we ask employees for their patience and willingness to try alternative routes to assist with traffic flow throughout campus.

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