Plan ahead for Jan. 6 Watertown Plank Road, US45 ramp closures

Dec. 20, 2013 College News -On the evening of Jan. 6, a portion of Watertown Plank Road as well as some of the US45 ramps surrounding Watertown Plank Road, will close for an extended period of time. Everyone is encouraged to plan ahead to find alternate routes to and from work, and to give yourself extra time to get to work once the closures take effect. 

The closures that take effect the night of Jan. 6:

  • Watertown Plank Road under US45, from Innovation Drive to Discovery Parkway, will fully close until late 2014. 
  • The Watertown Plank Road on-ramp to US45 southbound closes.
  • The US45 northbound off-ramp to Watertown Plank Road will close.

Full map that includes alternate routes (PDF)

The US45 southbound exit to westbound Watertown Plank Road will remain available until summer 2014.

Additional information about the Zoo interchange project and its impact on MCW and the campus can be found on the College’s Zoo interchange Web page.

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