Pediatric Epilepsy Center at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin recognized as a Level 4 center

April 15, 2014 College News - The MCW Pediatric Epilepsy Center at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin (CHW) has been recognized by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers as a Level 4 epilepsy center. Level 4 epilepsy centers have the professional expertise and facilities to provide the highest-level medical and surgical evaluation and treatment for patients with complex epilepsy.

The facilities at CHW dedicated to epilepsy care include:

  • A self-contained, eight-bed Pediatric Epilepsy Monitoring Unit with state-of-the-art, all-digital video-EEG equipment that is operated 24 hours a day
  • An on-site EEG lab and advanced techniques such as functional MRI (fMRI), which enable noninvasive mapping of language and motor function as well as specialized diagnosis and monitoring
  • State-of-the-art software and analysis that allows co-registration of data from multiple tests, enabling our epileptologists and neurosurgeons to better localize the seizure focus within the brain.

The Pediatric Epilepsy Program also has extensive clinical and research experience with the ketogenic diet, carefully monitored by a dedicated epilepsy nurse and dietician under the oversight of the pediatric epileptologist.

Innovative use of advanced diagnostic techniques to map and image the functional and affected areas in the brain are a significant component of comprehensive pediatric epilepsy diagnostic capabilities. These include: Brain Single Photon Emission Computerized Tomography (SPECT) scanning, Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Magnetoencephalography (MEG), Intracarotid Sodium Amobarbital (Wada) Testing, Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), Cortical Stimulation Mapping, Genomics/Sequencing, and a high throughput sequencing 454 sequencer to help utilize resequencing and mutation analysis to more effectively bring together brain mapping data together with neuroimaging to plan and conduct epilepsy surgeries for pediatric patients at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

This year, the CHW team became one of the first in the country to begin using minimally invasive neurosurgery (Visualase).

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