New Orthopaedic, Sports and Spine Center in  Menomonee Falls opens Jan. 13

Dec. 12, 2013 College News - Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Orthopaedic, Sports and Spine Center (OSSC) will welcome patients on Jan. 13, offering orthopaedic, sports medicine and spine services to residents of Menomonee Falls and surrounding communities.

Located on more than 10 acres near Pilgrim Road and U.S. 41/45, Froedtert & the Medical College’s newest specialty health center will occupy 42,500 square feet in the two-story portion of a facility shared with the Wisconsin Athletic Club. The OSSC was designed with optimal patient care and efficient staff workflow in mind. See photos below.

Orthopaedic services will be delivered by a variety of providers, including board certified orthopaedic surgeons, advanced practice providers, physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, nurses, medical assistants and orthopaedic technicians.

The orthopaedic suite has been designed using lean principles where exam rooms will feature dual entry doors. Patients enter the exam room from the hallway while health care providers enter through a rear exam room door that connects to the behind-the-scenes clinical workstations. This “off-stage” clinical work area functions as the centralized brain of the orthopaedic suite. Each of the centralized work areas features a mobile casting and splinting cart; allowing clinicians to bring supplies directly to the exam room rather than moving the patient. This configuration promotes efficient workflow, communication and seamless patient transfers between departments.

The orthopaedic suite is strategically located next to the dedicated radiology suites for shared use by orthopaedic and sports medicine staff for an integrated approach to care.  

Sports medicine will offer a wide variety of services provided by a team of highly skilled clinicians from physical therapy, occupational therapy and sports medicine/athletic training areas. Key services will include sports injury rehabilitation, general musculoskeletal and orthopaedic rehabilitation, vestibular rehabilitation, lymphedema treatment, hand therapy, custom orthotics, aquatic therapy and bariatric program services. Features within the sports medicine area include:

  • A sports simulation room with a 1,000-square-foot athletic field, allowing clinicians to rehabilitate athletes in a gym-like environment specific to his or her sport. The turf-like indoor athletic field will mimic an athlete’s actual outdoor field of play, allowing for simulation of realistic sports scenarios for optimum treatment solutions. This unique indoor setting will be equipped with custom netting for soccer, baseball/softball and golf; impact-resistant walls and windows and a 24-foot-high ceiling.
  • An observation area, available for family and physicians, will be equipped with high-definition cameras for observing an athlete’s mechanics as they progress back to their sport safely and confidently.
  • The indoor state-of-the-art therapy pool will create a unique treatment setting while providing easy patient access with in-pool steps or an electric lift. This will allow clinicians the ability to mobilize patients with all types of injuries and/or weight bearing limitations early on in a rehabilitation program. Patients will work in a gravity-reduced water environment where the current can either assist or resist a patient’s activity depending on their needs. 

The OSSC will also be home to one of four SpineCare program locations across the network. Eight exam rooms (including physical therapy rooms), one gym and a main operational hub will make up the SpineCare suite. Providers will include physiatrists (physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians), spine surgeons, chiropractors, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, medical assistants and other clinic support staff. Patient care will focus on comprehensive evaluation, plan of care patient education and treatment, all under one roof. Treatment options include therapy, rehabilitation or procedural treatments such as interventional spine procedures using fluoroscopy, an imaging-guided steroid injection to the spine. This SpineCare center will merge technology and convenience for exceptional patient care.  

One incoming call center at the OSSC will take patient calls and route to the appropriate department within the building during normal business hours. After-hour phone calls will be redirected to the Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin access services call center.

The OSSC will feature two meeting rooms; staff may reserve this resource via Outlook. Additionally, the OSSC will host many community education classes as the center offers easy accessibility to residents of surrounding communities.  

On the move

As the new OSSC opens its doors, many staff members and health care providers will transition to a new location as well. Among the departments moving:

  • Orthopaedic surgeons and staff from Community Memorial Hospital, Menomonee Falls Health Center and Community Memorial Medical Commons will move their practices to the second floor of the OSSC. Orthopaedic surgical procedures will take place at Community Memorial Hospital.
  • Rehabilitation staff working in sports medicine at Germantown Health Center and Germantown Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Center will transition to the first floor of the new center.
  • The SpineCare center currently located at the Community Memorial Medical Commons will move their specialty clinic to the Orthopaedic, Sports and Spine Center in Menomonee Falls.
  • Dr. Reddy, physical medicine and rehabilitation, will move his practice from Community Memorial Medical Commons to the second floor of the OSSC.

Providers at OSSC include:


  • Lindsay Carmody, MSN-FNP
  • Scott Hicks, MD
  • Brian Law, MD
  • Timothy Morton, MD
  • Timothy Mullin, MD
  • James Rayford, PA-C
  • Gregory Van Winkle, MD

 Physical Medicine & Rehab (PM&R)

  • Muni Reddy, MD


  • David deDianous, MD
  • Philip Andrew Nelson, MD
  • Raj Rao, MD
  • Gregory Whitcomb, DO

 Save the date for the Jan. 18 community open house, look for more details in early January.

Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Orthopaedic, Sports and Spine Center (OSSC) will welcome patients on Jan. 13, 2014.

The facility is located near Pilgrim Road and U.S. Highway 41/45 in Menomonee Falls.

The swimming pool inside the new Orthopaedic, Sports and Spine Center.


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