Lane closures around campus during the week of March 10

Mar. 07, 2014 College News - Below is a list of lane closures around campus the week of March 10, 2014. All road work is subject to change because of weather and other unforeseen circumstances.

Additional information about the Zoo interchange project and its impact on MCW and the campus can be found on the College’s Zoo interchange Web page.

Park & Ride Shuttle Service: Campus shuttles are running to/from State Fair Park & Ride and Burleigh Street Park & Ride throughout the week. For more information go to:

This Week’s Travel Alerts:

US45 Ramp Closure: On March 30, the US45 southbound ramp to westbound Watertown Plank Road will close and remain closed through summer.  Access to campus remains available via US45 southbound by using the Wisconsin Avenue exit or the North Avenue exit east to Hwy 100 south. From Hwy 100, take either Watertown Plank Road to the Swan Boulevard/Discovery Parkway connection or to Wisconsin Avenue eastbound.  Employees are encouraged to continue utilizing the Swan Boulevard/Discovery Parkway connection from the north to avoid further congestion on Wisconsin Avenue.

92nd Street: As part of the Zoo Interchange project, work will begin on 92nd Street between Watertown Plank Road and Connell Avenue. As a result, the following modifications will occur:

  • A lane will be closed on Monday to prepare for a traffic switch.  One lane will remain open in each direction.
  • The bus stop on the west side of 92nd Street will relocate to just south of its current location.  A temporary bus pad will be poured and the shelter will relocate as well.
  • A temporary sidewalk will be installed to access the bus stop on the west side of 92nd Street.  Pedestrian crosswalk markings will also be put in place to cross 92nd Street. 
  • The Behavioral Health driveway off 92nd Street will close short term.  Staff and visitors should enter from either Watertown Plank Road or via Connell Avenue.

Travel from the North:

  • US45 southbound will have overnight lane closures during the week between Mayfair and Watertown Plank Road for median work.

Travel from the South:

  • Only long-term closures are in effect

Travel from the East:

  • Only long-term closures are in effect.

Travel from the West:

  • I94 eastbound will have full rolling closures at Hwy 100 on Monday evening between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.  As a result, the Zoo Interchange south-to-west ramp will be closed as well.


  • March 17: Schlinger Avenue will close under I94 and remain closed through 2017.
  • March 30: US45 southbound exit ramp to Watertown Plank Road will fully close.
  • April: The 76th Street exit ramp from I94 will close; 84th Street ramps will reopen.
  • Early June: A full weekend closure of I94 eastbound and westbound at Hwy 100 will occur.
  • October:
    • Watertown Plank Road and US45 ramps reopen
    • Wisconsin/Bluemound ramps from US45 close
    • Bluemound Road over US45 will close for demolition and rebuild
    • 84th Street closes under I94
    • Core Zoo Interchange construction begins
  • December: I94 / Hwy 100 interchange reopens

Ongoing Closures:

Watertown Plank Road/US45 Ramp Closures

Reminder: the following long-term road closures are in effect until late fall:

  • Watertown Plank Road under US45, from Innovation Drive to Discovery Parkway. 
  • Watertown Plank Road on-ramp to US45 southbound closes;
  • The US45 northbound off-ramp to Watertown Plank Road will close.
  • Open to Research Park: US45 southbound exit to westbound Watertown Plank Road will remain available until March 30.

Available Resources:

The latest information on the long-term closures of Watertown Plank Road and US45 ramps is available to you through several sources: 

  • App: A “Travel MRMC” app is now available on Android and iPhone devices.  Find your quickest route to campus through construction and traffic congestion. for more information.  
  • Online: or through your organization’s intranet
  • Email: Check your inbox for the latest construction information from your organization.
  • Printed materials: Milwaukee Regional Medical Center 2014 Route Guide
  • Phone: Call 1-800-ZOO-0003 for the best route information. Live assistance now available 24/7!
  • Twitter: Sign up to receive the most up-to-date information: @TravelMRMC

Alternatives to Wisconsin Avenue Commuting

While Wisconsin Avenue is the most direct route to campus, trying a different route may save you time.  Watertown Plank Road remains open during construction from Discovery Parkway to the east.  The following options are worth a try:

  • Swan Boulevard: Swan Boulevard is open and delay-free. Access to Swan is available from Watertown Plank Road just east of Hwy 100 and from North Avenue. 
  • Discovery Parkway: Discovery Parkway is open and connects Watertown Plank Road (just west of 92nd Street) to Swan Boulevard. From Swan Boulevard, Discovery Parkway flow freely onto Watertown Plank Road eastbound with no traffic signals or stop signs.  Likewise, westbound Watertown Plank Road traffic will flow freely onto northbound Discovery Parkway without traffic signals or stop signs. 
  • Hwy 100: Hwy 100 is fully open between North Avenue and Bluemound Road, including additional through lanes and multiple intersection turn lanes. Take Hwy 100 to Watertown Plank Road east.  Take Swan Boulevard to south Discovery Parkway which free flows onto east Watertown Plank Road.

Wisconsin Avenue Parking Restrictions: New parking restrictions are in effect on Wisconsin Avenue between 92nd Street and 87th Street to assist with traffic flow.  Parking will no longer be allowed from 6 – 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 – 6 p.m., Monday – Friday. 

Bus Route 31 Changes Effective 1/5/2014

Route 31 (State – Highland) has new detours in place along Watertown Plank Road between 92nd Street and Innovation Drive/Swan Boulevard. Look for the blue flags which designate the bus stop location. New schedules are available on

Fare-free Route:

Pedestrians needing to travel on Watertown Plank Road between 92nd Street and Innovation Drive/Swan Boulevard will not be required to pay a fare when boarding a Route 31 bus from 92nd Street or Watertown Plank Road at Innovation Drive/Swan Boulevard. If a transfer is requested the passenger must pay full fare. Please watch for signs in the area.

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