Dr. Tom Aufderheide’s work spurs IOM study on cardiac arrest

Nov. 04, 2013 College News - The Institute of Medicine will launch a national study of the treatment of cardiac arrest based on the recommendations from one of its members, Tom P. Aufderheide, MD, Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin and an internationally recognized researcher in the field of emergency cardiac care.

Dr. Aufderheide has led multiple and significant research efforts into the efficacy of a variety of interventions for cardiac arrest, including new methods of CPR, use of CPR by bystanders, automated external defibrillators in public venues, and devices aimed at improving outcomes in cardiac arrest.

Currently in the United States, 382,000 people experience out of hospital cardiac arrest each year, and only 11 percent survive. However, the range of survival within communities varies between 0 and 20 percent.

“That variation indicates that opportunities for improvement are available. We believe the best way to learn why that variation exists is to study the current status of cardiac arrest outcomes, assess the scientific evidence on lifesaving therapies and recommend public health strategies to improve overall survival in the United States. In addition, the study will explore promising areas of research in the treatment of cardiac arrest,” said Dr. Aufderheide.

Dr. Aufderheide and a colleague presented their study proposal to the Institute of Medicine earlier in the year, and the Institute is now accepting nominations for a committee to conduct the study.

The study is expected to address:

  1. CPR and the use of AED’s in the general public
  2. EMS and hospital resuscitation systems of care
  3. National cardiac arrest statistics
  4. Resuscitation research

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