Steering Committee launches as faculty leaders and members recruited

The community medical education program Steering Committee and program design launched Oct. 26, a key step in the development phase of MCW’s community-based initiatives in Central Wisconsin and Green Bay.

Dr. Termuhlen

Facilitating the Steering Committee will be Paula Termuhlen, MD, Professor of Surgery and General Surgery Residency Program Director, who has been named the community medical education program Faculty Leader. In this role, Dr. Termuhlen will provide leadership in developing a comprehensive model for the community-based medical education programs. Steering Committee members were named earlier this fall. Membership selections yet to come include a pipeline expert, student representative(s) and community partners.

The Steering Committee is supported by faculty-led work groups, and several leaders have been selected thus far for these specialized roles.

The Curricular and Interprofessional Development Work Group Leader is Susan Koethe, PhD, Professor of Pathology. This work group will work in partnership with Discovery Curriculum leaders and teaching faculty to develop a curriculum that is comparable to the Discovery Curriculum, but also considers the opportunity to decrease the duration of time to graduation to place students in residency earlier and to decrease their overall debt burden. The Discovery Curriculum is the four-year curriculum that leads to the MD degree for students enrolled in the Medical College’s Milwaukee campus. The community medical education program curriculum will emphasize improving the experience of care, improving the health of populations and reducing per capita costs of health care. It will include a focus on opportunities for interprofessional learning with other health sciences to cultivate a team-based model of care and leverage distance-learning techniques. Joan Bedinghaus, MD, Professor of Family Medicine, Director of the Clinical Continuum (M1-M2) and Integration Director, has been named Associate Work Group Leader for the Curricular and Interprofessional Development Work Group.

The Faculty Development Work Group Leader is Craig Porter, MD, Professor of Pediatrics and Vice Chair for Faculty Development. This work group ensures the academic success of teaching faculty by developing strategies and action plans for providing targeted development support and mentoring to faculty at MCW and faculty from partnering communities to enhance teaching skills, integrate active learning teaching methodologies and apply distance-learning techniques.

The Student Development, Recruitment and Admissions Work Group Leader is Roy Long, PhD, Associate Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics and Assistant Dean for Graduate Recruitment. This Work Group ensures MCW has a growing pool of high-quality, diverse applicants for all campuses and that the admissions process for all MCW campuses is equitable and fair.

A fourth work group, the Community Partnership Integration Work Group, requires additional development, so leadership and membership for the group will be chosen once its role is clarified.

Meanwhile, the Medical College is recruiting members to the other three work groups. The faculty and staff selected for these volunteer roles are essential to the development phase of the community medical education programs, as they will significantly contribute to curricular and interprofessional development, faculty development, community partnerships, student development, recruitment and admissions.

The recruiting process continues as well for a staff project manager and project coordinators, all of whom support the community medical education program Faculty Leader and Steering Committee.

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