Admissions Office fields inquiries into community programs

Although still in development phase, the proposed community medical education programs have prompted a number of requests for information from the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Office of Admissions.

These inquiries have ranged from students who are currently in the early years of their undergraduate education to professionals located in central Wisconsin interested in changing careers. One request even came from a pre-health advisor at a small college located in a rural area of a neighboring state. He commented that his students, some of whom come from rural Wisconsin, would have interest in matriculating to a community campus.

Another example is a student from the Green Bay area currently serving in the U.S. Army. He aspires to attend medical school when he completes his military commitment, and his goal is to practice medicine in Green Bay. The proposed community medical education program in Green Bay would allow him to attend medical school there as well, making it an ideal situation.

“As more students learn about the community campuses, we expect others will share the sentiment that this will allow them to attend medical school while maintaining close ties with both their family and the community from which they hail,” said Jennifer Haluzak, Director of Admissions for the Medical College. “For others, it will allow them to put down roots in the community in which they hope to someday practice.”

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