Password Now Required for New Version of Micromedex Drug Information App

April 2, 2014 - The MCW Libraries have been alerted to the fact that the free version of the iOS "Micromedex Drug Information" app is no longer working. 

MCW users will now instead have free access to a new version of the app, called "Free Micromedex Drug Reference For Internet Subscribers."  In order to use this app after installation, users will have to enter a password in the same process that is used to install the Micromedex Drug Interactions and Micromedex IV Compatibility apps. Brief information on how to do this is available on the MCW Libraries' A-Z List of Mobile Device Resources page. 

Note: the Windows 8 or Android versions of the app remain completely free to all users at this time.  It is unknown if or when this could change.

The following information comes from the Micromedex Frequently Asked Questions page:

1. How does Micromedex Drug Reference Essentials differ from Micromedex Drug Information?

As of March 31, Micromedex Drug Reference Essentials will replace Micromedex Drug Information in iTunes. Currently, from a function and information standpoint, the apps are identical.

Going forward, we will focus our product improvement efforts on Micromedex Drug Reference Essentials, and as a result, will also begin charging a small fee* for the use of the app. This fee will help us continue to invest in product improvements and to deliver the highest quality clinical content - which Micromedex users have come to expect.  

2. Micromedex Drug Information is/used to be free. Why are you now charging a small fee for Micromedex Drug Reference Essentials?

We are committed to delivering only the highest quality evidence for use in patient care – when and where our customers need it.  To do so responsibly, it is necessary for us to invest in our mobile apps as the needs of our customers and technology partners change.  Rather than clutter our app - which is used to care for patients - with advertisements or other distractions, we will charge a small fee* to help us appropriately invest and enhance the Drug Information App.

*This fee applies ONLY to those Micromedex app customers who do not have an internet subscription individually or through a healthcare institution. Beginning March 12, 2014, Internet subscription customers, including those with enterprise-wide licenses, should search in iTunes for the free version of this app, called Free Micromedex® Drug Reference for Internet Subscribers.

If you have questions about this change or need help installing the new version of the app, please contact the MCW Libraries at or 414.955.8302.

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