RefWorks 2.0 Interface

On October 29, 2011, RefWorks 2.0 will become the default interface for our users. The Classic interface (red look) will be accessible in the upper corner of the interface for the remainder of 2011. Your data is safe no matter which interface you use.

The new interface is clean and intuitive and brings frequently used features to the forefront – allowing you to become more effective in your research process. Some of the new features include:

* Subfolders—for creating folders within folders that keep information organized and easy to share.
* Folder de-duplication—for de-duping within a single folder to remove multiple occurrences of a reference.
* Limiting fields in shared items—for sharing only the desired references and information with colleagues. Account owners will be able to choose which fields to show for each share.
* Combined Folders and Sharing page—for improved display on one screen. Easier than ever to manage folders and decide which ones to share.

More to come! Soon, RefWorks will be announcing the release of the new Write-N-Cite for Windows and Mac. Until then, remember that Write-N-Cite remains available, and is fully compatible with the RefWorks 2.0 interface.

RefWorks Learning Opportunities

If you no longer need your RefWorks accounts, please contact Linda LeMahieu at

If you have any general RefWorks questions, please contact MCW Libraries at

Posted October 17, 2011

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