Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries Announces Inaugural Digital Collection: The Armand J. Quick MD, PhD Digital Collection

Armand J. Quick, MD, PhDAs part of the MCW Libraries Digital Collection initiative, the library digitized selected resources from the Armand J. Quick (Dr. Quick) archival collection. Resources in the Armand J. Quick MD, PhD Digital Collection include five volumes of the Collected Works of Armand J. Quick, photographs, and images of awards and plaques.

The Collected Works of Armand J Quick have been enhanced with interactive links that provide access to the full text of the referenced article if electronically available from the MCW Libraries E-Journal collection. If the full text of the referenced article is available from the MCW Libraries Bound Journal collection, the online catalog record is provided to direct patrons to the full text resource. All interactive links provided are within the licensing parameters of MCW Libraries subscriptions and authorized network access. If you are having trouble accessing any resources in the Armand J. Quick MD, PhD Digital Collection, please contact or call (414) 955-8302.

Dr. Quick was an Assistant Professor of Pharmacology at Marquette School of Medicine from 1935-1944, and later became Professor and Chairman (Director) of the Department of Biochemistry at Marquette from 1944 until his retirement from the position in 1964. During the transition of the Department of Biochemistry to the Medical College of Wisconsin, he served the Medical College of Wisconsin as a Research Professor.

Dr. Quick, a native of Theresa, Wisconsin, was a prolific scientist, researcher and physician who made monumental contributions to modern medicine and is best known for his work on blood coagulation and his studies of detoxification. During his career, he wrote more than 300 articles and 8 books. In 1932, he developed the one stage prothrombin time test, a blood clotting test that measures the activity of fibrinogen, prothrombin, factor V, factor VII, and factor X. Also known as the Quick Test, it is still used today.

The collection is accessible on campus.  Authorized network users are also able to view the collection off-campus via the Library’s proxy server.

Posted May 19, 2011

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