Sandra Brown-Ford, PhD '13


Department of Physiology

Where you're from:

I have been in Wisconsin for a number of years now. Originally I came from Pensacola, Florida where I grew up.


Undergraduate institution and major:

  • B.S, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Major Chemistry- Minor Germany;
  • M.S, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Biomolecular Chemistry
  • PhD, Medical College of Wisconsin, Physiology

Department/Lab information:

I am an Alumna from the Graduate Program in Physiology.  My mentor was Dr. Michael Olivier.

Publications, abstracts or titles of posters you have presented or talks/seminars you`ve given at MCW and a description of your research:


Sandra Brown-Ford; A DeLaForest; B Halligan; M Pellitteri-Hahn; S Duncan; M Olivier. Proteomic Analysis of Undifferentiated Embryonic Stem Cells. (Poster presentation), 6th Annual US Human Proteome Organization Conference, Denver, CO, March 7-10, 2010.

Sandra Brown-Ford1, A. De La Forest2, M. Pellitteri-Hahn3, B. Halligan3,  M. Zelembaba3, S. Duncan2 and M. Olivier1,3 . Proteomic Analysis of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells as a Mechanism to Study Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). (Poster Presentation) Research Day, The Medical College of Wisconsin. September 15, 2010

Career plans/goals after MCW:

My goal is to be involved in research and education in the Biomedical Sciences.

A word about what diversity means to you or what it means to be a minority in Biomedical research or your experiences etc. : 

Diversity can have a lot of meanings in relationship to the responsibility of MCW and its faculty.  MCW has a responsibility in understanding the community in which it exist.  Both MCW and the community stand to benefit from this knowledge.  MCW needs to actively support an environment that is inclusive, yet sensitive.  We’ll have to address the challenge of education and recruitment of cultural minority and women faculty in biomedical research.  We must address the dogma regarding culture and roles, which are also not easy hurdles; because If we are not careful these attitudes can become the framework on which education and mindset are established, even influencing our decisions on research, ethics and our colleagues.

Why MCW?

Why not? I chose MCW because it is the best local advance degree college.

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