Finding the List of Recipients in an eBridge Notification Email

When you receive an email notification in eBridge, how do you know who else received that notification? There is an easy way to find the list of those who receive a copy of an email notification that you receive. Follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the Workspace of the AUA/PRO/FP for which you have received an email notification. Please note that the example below is from an AUA (Animal Use Application), but this feature applies to all eBridge modules.
  2. Select the History Tab in the lower, center area of the page. Note that there are two examples highlighted. These reflect a sample of activities that generate email notifications. Depending upon what activity generated your email, you will search for that activity in the History Log.

  4. After selecting the activity within the History Log, a new screen appears with another set of tabs.
  5. Select the Notifications Tab.

  6. The information in the Notifications Tab includes the Job Name, Subject, and Recipients.
  7. Select Exit to the far right of the screen to go back to the AUA/PRO/FP Workspace.

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