eBridge Filtering Options

eBridge users have several Filtering Options that are available for all eBridge modules.  You can filter not only by text, but also by dates, date with a time and comparison operators such as greater than, less than and/or equal to.  All Filter by bars will automatically display a question mark (Help) icon. 

Please note: Another feature that affects filtering is that your filter results will stay in place until you either:

  1. Clear the filter, or
  2. End your browser session

In the past, the results of a new filter would be lost if you selected a project from the results list, exited and then returned to select a different project from the same filtered list. Now, your search results are saved. In fact, if you use the filter, go to another list/module and come back to the original list that you filtered, it will still display the results of your filter, not the entire list. Make sure you use the Clear button if you want the entire list to display again. This feature affects all modules in eBridge.

All Filter by bars will automatically display a question mark (Help) icon.


When selecting the question mark icon, eBridge shows the various ways you can filter your searches.


With this feature there are additional items in some of the “Filter by” drop-down lists.


1. If you wish to search for all Human Studies that expire on or after January 1, 2014, select the Expiration Date from the Filter by drop-down menu.

2. In the next field to the right, enter the range, >=1/1/2014.  (Note:  Please make sure you type the entire year, i.e. 2014, not 14.).

3. Select Go button.


The results displayed are all protocols with expiration dates beginning with 1/1/2014 and beyond.

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