Using View Differences

The purpose of the View Differences feature is to provide a Reviewer with snapshots of the IBC SmartForm that quickly identify:

  1. Changes to the SmartForm
  2. Responses to Change Requests

Changes and responses are processed from Reviewer NotesView Differences allow a Reviewer to compare the versions of modifications created at different times during the review process. The Reviewer can view the changes made since he/she last requested changes, or all the changes since the originally-approved project.

Imagine a circumstance where the study team makes modifications in addition to those the Reviewer expects from a Change Request or Decision Pending Modifications. How can the Reviewer quickly evaluate all the changes to the SmartForm without examining the entire document for consistency? View Differences is the answer!


  1. Navigate to the Workspace of the new IBC Application, Amendment, or 3-Year Renewal that you are assigned to review.
  2. In the upper left area of the Workspace, select View Differences.

  3. Select the version you want to compare to the most current changes.

    Show Changes made between Current Version (x.x) and     Field with version - drop down menu    appears for you to select the appropriate version of the SmartForm. Your choice here will be compared with the version that has recently been edited, usually due to a Change Request. In most cases a Reviewer will compare the Current Version (the one the PI/SS are editing) to the Original IBC Version (approved IBC).

  4. Use the Changed Steps drop down menu to move to a selected section, or use the double arrows to navigate one step forward or backward. Do not navigate by using the Reviewer Note buttons as this takes you out of View DifferencesChanged Steps displays only the sections modified by the PI/SS and helps prevent the Reviewer searching unchanged answers.

  5. If you use the Reviewer Note navigation buttons, Add, Delete, Previous, Next", you will unknowingly exit View Differences and be taken to the SmartForm section for that Reviewer Note. To re-enter View Differences, exit the SmartForm and from the Workspace, select View Differences again.

  6. Use the color coding and strikethrough features to identify modifications.
    1. Text in green was added in the most recent changes.
    2. Text in pink/red is this version's original text.
    3. Text with strikethrough has been deleted.

  7. To exit View Differences, use the Close button in the right area of the screen. You will return to the Workspace.
    1. Select the appropriate Reviewer activity when your review is complete.

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