eBridge and Your Approved Paper IBC Application

Do you need to make a change (amend) to your previously approved paper IBC Application? Follow the instructions below.


  • If the change you need to make is for study personnel, use the "Update Approved Application" activity. DO NOT file an Amendment.
  • If you do not have any changes to make to your currently approved paper IBC Application, DO NOT file an Amendment, as it creates unnecessary work for reviewers, office staff, and the IBC members.


  1. Log in to eBridge and navigate to the IBC Application module.
  2. Find your Legacy Paper IBC Application "shell" under the Safety Submissions tab on the Safety Team Home Page.
    Note: All legacy paper applications that had an empty shell created for them in eBridge have an ID that shows 2010, 2011, 2012, or 2013, preceded by IBC and followed by a four digit number. For example: IBC20130019 (example below).

  3. Select New IBC Amendment.
  4. Enter ALL of your currently approved paper application IBC information - ALL materials, ALL information, even if your Amendment only affects a part of the application. You need to take the information from your paper application and move it into the electronic eBridge application, along with your amendment changes. This is the only time you need to do this with filing amendments, i.e., when the full information for your IBC Application is not already in eBridge.
  5. The Amendment is used as a pathway to get the information into eBridge, as well as introduce any new changes or updates.
  6. You must use the Legacy Paper Application ID already in eBridge to file a change on the approved paper application - do NOT start a new application because then the system will not reflect your approved legacy application ID.
  7. When your submission is processed and approved, you will be assigned a new expiration date, three years out from the approval date of this amendment.  This is the only time an expiration date will be changed through an amendment - when you move your legacy information from your approved paper application into eBridge with an amendment.

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