Guide to the Human Subject Protection Training Report (CITI)

Main Audience: Human Research Training Administrators (assigned per department)

Instructions to Locate, Display and Interpret the Report

  1. Log in to eBridge.
  2. Click on the Reports link in the upper green navigation area. (Image 1)
  3. Click on the RP-Human Research Reports Link under the Researcher Profile Training Reports section.
  4. Click on the Human Subject Protection Training link. (Image 2)
  5. In the report workspace, there are several drop-down menus that enable you to tailor the information you wish to access.
    a) Select the Department(s) - if you are Human Research Training Administrator for multiple departments.
    b) Select the Division(s) - if applicable. The default is to include all Divisions within the Department.
  6. Click View Report on the far right of the screen. (Image 3)
  7. Once the data displays on your screen, you have the option to export it to multiple formats, including Excel.
  8. To export to Excel:
    a) Click the down arrow from the export icon. (Image 3)
    b) Select Excel.
    c) Select Open in the pop-up window.
    d) Select Save.

Image 1


Image 2


Image 3


Interpreting the Report Data

After clicking the View Report button within the report workspace, nine columns of data display, five of which are sortable (in green). If you choose to download the report to Excel, you can sort the data by any column. The eight columns are:

  1. NO - this gives you a number count of entries from the report options.
  2. Last Name
  3. First Name
  4. Department
    This is the department of the person as listed in eBridge.
  5. Division
    This is the division of the department as listed in eBridge. Not all departments have divisions, so this could be blank.
  6. CITI Curriculum
    a) Human Research - Required by the MCW IRB
    b) RCR - Responsible Conduct of Research - Optional, but may be required by a research team member's department or division
    c) GCP - Good Clinical Practices - Optional, but may be required by a research team member's department or division
  7. CITI Group
    There are three types of entries in this column:
    1) Learning Group # - Indicates the training in this group # is current (not expired). This is the MCW defined CITI course completed by the listed individual. The Learning Group is chosen by the individual for its relevance to his/her role and responsibility in the design, conduct, or review of IRB approved human subject research.
    2) No eBridge training record found - No CITI training was found in eBridge. There could be technical issues for this entry, such as eBridge does not have the individual's CITI ID. Contact the eBridge Help Desk for assistance.
    3) Expired - for those whose CITI certification has expired.
  8. Expiration Date - This is the date that the "listed" CITI Group expires. An individual may have more than one CITI Group. To maintain CITI certification, each individual is required to complete a CITI Refresher course every three years after initial certification.
  9. Email Address - The individual's email address as listed in eBridge.

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