Searching for a Funding Proposal

Main Audience: Principal Investigator & Proposal Team

To locate a funding proposal to which you are associated.

Roles:  All


  1. After logging into eBridge, select My Home from the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Make sure the Proposal Team role is selected from the top-left corner. 
  3. Select the Funding Proposal Name from My Inbox or Funding Proposals tab.
    1. If the funding proposal is not listed in your My Inbox, you can search for the submission under the Funding Proposals tab by reading down the list of submissions, or by entering the ID number or the submission Name using the Filter by search function located above the list of submissions.
    2. If you are just reading down the list, you can sort the list by column headings in green:  ID, Name (title of proposal), Date Modified, State, Last State Change, PI Last or First Name, and Sponsor by selecting the column name.
    3. If you are searching by ID, enter % followed by a part or all of the ID number in the field to the right of the "Filter by" field.  Then select Go.
      A.  Example:  For FP00000577, we could enter %00000577 or %577.  The % is a wildcard, which means “something followed by”, so %577 means “something followed by 577”. 
    4. If you are searching by Name, use the drop-down to Filter by “Name” instead of “ID”.  Enter % followed by a word or phrase from the title of the funding proposal.  Then select Go.
      1. Tip:  It is important that you use the exact spacing between words and exact spelling of the words.  eBridge search functions are literal, so if the actual title has two spaces between two words, you must enter that into the search field.  If a word is misspelled in the title, you must use that spelling if you include that word in the search field.

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