Prepare Funding Application for Submission

Main Audience: Principal Investigator & Proposal Team

Before the funding application can electronically be submitted by the PI to the Division Official (Chief) and/or the Primary Department Official (Chair), all information including the attachment of the science, needs to be completed in eBridge. A final check that the funding application is ready for submission prevents potential delays. 

Roles:  Principal Investigator (PI), Proposal Team (PT), Budget Specialist (BS), Primary Department Administrator (PDA)


  1. After logging into eBridge, select My Home from the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

  2. Make sure the Proposal Team role is selected from the top-left corner.

  3. Select the Funding Proposal Name from My Inbox or Funding Proposals tab.

  4. Verify all SmartForms for errors and correct:
    1. Funding Proposal SmartForm - Select the Hide/Show Errors link.
    2. Primary Budget SmartForm - Select the Hide/Show Errors link.
    3. Detailed Subcontract Budget SmartForm (if applicable) - Select the Hide/Show Errors link.
  5. Confirm all activity approvals are complete.  If not completed, resend the email notification:
    1. Select Agree to Participate Status link. 
    2. Select Approve Affiliations Status link, if applicable 
    3. Select Outstanding Resource Approvals link.

  6. If the funding application is being submitted to, generate the SF424 application and correct any errors:
    1. From the Funding Proposal Workspace, and from the left column, select the View SF424 activity.  Click OK.
    2. From the Submissions to Sponsor section of the Funding Proposal Workspace, select the SmartForm [Edit] drop-down menu and select the 1st page to check for errors.
      1. From the SF424 SmartForm, select the Hide/Show Errors link.
      2. Print the SF424 Error/Warning Messages section to use as a guide in correcting the errors in the Funding Proposal and/or Budget SmartForms.  The SF424 errors are corrected in eBridge not the SF424 application.  (Note:  Error messages related to the Authorized Representative approval, do not need to be corrected.  When the AOR approves the funding application, the errors will no longer show.)
      3. Re-select the View SF424 activity to confirm all errors were corrected.

  7. If the application is not being submitted to, attach the Sponsor’s completed application & associated documents to Page R, Q9.0 & Q10.0 in the Funding Proposal SmartForm. 

  8. The funding application is now ready for the PI to submit.

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