Choosing an Oracle Cost Center

Main Audience: Principal Investigators & Proposal Team

In eBridge Funding Proposals, Page T 4.0 of the budget SmartForm asks for the Oracle Cost Center. Page T, Question 4.0 includes two Oracle Cost Center pick lists - one that displays only those cost centers that are associated with the department of the Principal Investigator and the second that displays cost centers NOT associated with the department of the PI. If a cost center outside the department of the PI is selected, then question 4.1 must be answered - it is a text box for an explanation. The page will validate on your choices of answers - you will not be able to save and move to the next page until you correctly answer the questions:

  • You must select at least one departmental Oracle cost center.
  • If you select an Oracle cost center outside the department of the PI, you must complete 4.1, describing the reason.

If you cannot find the cost center you are looking for, or if you have questions regarding the selection of a cost center, contact Sponsored Programs.


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