Creating a Budget

Main Audience: Budget Specialist

eBridge automatically generates a Primary Budget for the Funding Proposal once “Page C. General Project Information” of the funding proposal is completed and saved.  Only the Principal Investigator, Budget Specialist and the Department Administrator have access to the entire budget including the detail salary information.

Roles:  Principal Investigator (PI), Proposal Team (PT), Budget Specialist (BS)


  1. After logging into eBridge, select My Home from the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Make sure the Proposal Team role is selected from the top-left corner.
  3. Select the Funding Proposal Name from "My Inbox" or "Funding Proposal" tab.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the Funding Proposal Workspace page to find the Budgets tab that lists the budget created as part of this funding proposal.
  5. Select the Name of the budget to access the “Budget Workspace”, OR, select the [Open] link to access the “Budget SmartForm” pages directly.
    A. If the Name link was selected, the Budget Workspace page opens.
    B. Select the Edit Budget button from the top left corner.
  6. Complete the appropriate budget pages and either select Continue to move to the next page, or select the Jump To menu to navigate directly to a specific budget page:
    A. All questions with a red asterisk require a response.
    B. Use the drop-down menu to select from a list.
    C. Use the Select/Add button to add a name as a response to a question or to complete field information.
    D. To remove an individual from a list, select Remove to the right of the name.
    E. On Page T. Budget General for Questions 10.0 & 11.0, either eBridge will automatically populate the F&A Rate & Base as determined by the type of program & location of the project identified in the funding proposal, or a Rate and Base will need to be selected on this page.
    F. If “Human Subjects” were selected in the funding proposal as a compliance category, Pages U. Human Subjects will be added to the budget pages to complete.
    G. If “Vertebrate Animals” were selected in the funding proposal as a compliance category, Pages V. Vertebrate Animals will be added to the budget pages to complete.
    H. Beginning with Page W. Personnel Costs through Page AG. Subcontract Costs, complete the appropriate budget pages (grids).
    I. Each budget page will display a Budget Summary at the top of the page, and the actual budget grid at the bottom of the page.  Only the budget grids can be edited.  The “Budget Summary” section will update when the page is saved.
    J. The NIH salary cap is applied to the salary calculations in each period.
    K. An automatic 3% inflation rate is applied to the salary for each fiscal year.
    L. Note some budget pages (grids) may have tips under the Page heading in blue font.
    M. Note that some budget pages (grids) will include an inflation rate and others will not.
  7. To validate for Budget SmartForm errors, see the Hide/Show Errors instructions.
  8. After the budget information is complete, a notification, Send PDA Notification to Approve Resources, needs to be sent.  This notification sends an email to the PDA (Primary Department Administrator) of the PI, and to the PDA of OFS (Other Faculty & Staff) requesting them to approve resources for their faculty and staff on the budget.  The activity is located in the left column of the Funding Proposal Workspace.

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