Locating a Submission Not Listed in "My Inbox"

A Committee Member may need to locate an Animal Use Application (AUA), Animal Amendment (AA), or Annual Renewal (AR) as part of a review.

Main Audience: Committee Member, Designated Reviewer, Vet Reviewer


1. Confirm you are currently accessing eBridge using the role of "IACUC Member" by assuring the green bar in the top of the left navigation pane reads "IACUC Member".

2. Select the tab for the type of submission you want to locate: AUA, AA, AR, or Joint Institution Submissions.


3. You can search for the submission by reading down the list of submissions or your can enter in the "ID" number or the "State" using the "Filter By" search function located above the list of submissions.

4. If you are just reading down the list, you can sort the list by the column headings in green: ID, Name (title of the submissions), State, Last State Change, and PI Last or First Name. The most useful will probably be State or the PI Last Name.


5. If you are searching by ID, enter % followed by a part or all of the ID number. The % symbol is a wildcard, which means, "something followed by". so, %216 means "something followed by 216".


6. If you are searching by Name, use the drop-down to filter by Name instead of ID. Enter % followed by a word or phrase from the title of the AUA. It is important to use the exact spacing between words and exact spelling of the words. eBridge search functions are literal, so if the actual title has a spelling error, then when you search you must use that misspelling. It is not recommended to search by Name of the submission.

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