Creating an Animal Use Application (AUA)

Main Audience: Principal Investigator & Study Staff


  1. Log in to eBridge. (For assistance with your password when logging in to eBridge, please contact the eBridge Help Desk.)
  2. Select My Home from the upper right portion of the screen.
  3. Select Study Staff role from the upper left portion of the screen (orange bar).
  4. Under the header Create, select the button New Animal Study from the left-hand column.
  5. Navigate through each SmartForm page using the Continue button.
    1. After entering information and answering questions on a SmartForm page, remember to click Save in the mint green bar before moving on to the next screen.
    2. Questions marked with a red asterisk (*) require a response.
    3. Answering Yes or No to questions with radio buttons may cause the related sub-questions to disappear; this indicates that a response is no longer required based off of the answer to the previous question.
    4. Click Select or Add to enter information such as a name, location, substance or other data when entering multiple lines in a table.
    5. Click Delete in the appropriate line to remove a single name, location, substance or other data from those tables.
  6. Use the Help Text provided along the right-hand column of each SmartForm page for guidance completing particular questions. Look for dagger symbols () in questions which highlight that Help Text is available in key areas.
  7. Click Hide/Show Error” before submission to check for any discrepancies and/or required answers which were left blank. (This feature will be especially useful for study personnel preparing animal use submissions on behalf of the Principal Investigator (PI) to clear errors before the PI attempts to submit.)
  8. Select Exit or Finish from the Final Check & Submission Instructions SmartForm screen to return to the AUA Workspace. This will not submit the AUA for IACUC review.
  9. Select Submit Application to send the AUA to the IACUC to begin the review process. This final step ensures that the changes were complete and it is ready for IACUC review.
    1. A pop-up window will appear requiring the Principal Investigator (PI) to read the assurances and click the box next to each one.
    2. Select Ok.

If you wish to save your work and return to complete the AUA later:

  1. Select Exit from the mint green bar.
    1. Select Yes if a pop-up window appears prompting you to save changes before exiting.
  2. If you are leaving your computer, log off or lock your computer to assure that no one has access to your eBridge account while you are away.

To return to the AUA (Pre-submission) after logging off:

  1. Log into eBridge and select My Home from the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Select the Pre Submission tab.
  3. Select the Name of the AUA in green writing to navigate to the AUA Workspace.
  4. Select Edit Animal Study from the left-hand column of the AUA Workspace.
  5. Use the Jump To drop down menu located in the mint green bar near the top center of the screen to find the section where you left off.

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