"Notify PI to Submit" Activity

User Feedback

  • You wanted a way to have the eBridge system notify your PI that a submission is ready to submit for review.
  • You wanted a way to make sure the submission was error free when notifying the PI it is ready to submit.

Solution (functionality)

"Notify PI to Submit" is an activity button available to Study Team members with edit access. The activity does the following:

  • Sends an email to the PI (copies the person completing the activity) that the application (PRO, AME, CPR, RE, AUA, AA, 3-Year de novo, AR) is ready for the PI to complete the "PI Submit" activity.  The email has a direct link to the submission plus any comments entered from the person completing the activity.
  • Runs the "Deferred Validations" that check for errors - the same as found by using the "Hide/Show Errors" display in the SmartForm.
  • Selectable at all times during Pre Submission. Note: email won't be sent until submission is error free, and then can be re-sent as often as needed.
  • Displays the submission in the "Ready for PI to Submit" section of the "Action Required" tab on the PI's "Home Page".
  • Logs the most recent date the activity is completed in a column under the "Pre Submission" tab on the "Home Page". (see image 3.0)
  • Logs the activity under the History tab in the Study Workspace with the date, person who completed it, etc.

Image 1.0

Image 2.0


You completed entering all the information into the PRO or AUA SmartForm and it is ready for the PI to submit. Oops - you forget to check the "Hide/Show Errors" display from within the SmartForm. You navigate to the Study Workspace and select the "Notify PI to Submit" activity. This activity initiates the check for "deferred validations" (the same as with Hide/Show Errors). If you receive a list of errors, you can return to the SmartForm and correct them, then re-select the "Notify PI to Submit" activity. When there are no more errors from the validation checks, the activity sends an email message to your PI to execute the "PI Submit" activity. "Notify Pi to Submit" can be completed as many times as needed, even after there are no more errors.

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