Research Equipment Support and Engineering Services (RESES) Core


Once you have a work order #, please complete and submit the following form to authorize work from RESES Core.

Authorization Form - for single accounts only

To authorize costs to more than one account, please use the MULTIPLE ACCOUNT AUTHORIZATION FORM


Work Order # (provided on estimate):
This Authorization is for:   Triage Billing Only     Triage and/or Requested Work
Brief Description of Service Requested:
Please enter the name of the individual in your department who is responsible for financially authorizing this service:
Financial Authorizer:
Authorizer's Email:
Amount authorized to spend:
Please provide account information below.  If the cost is to be split among more than one account, please submit the MULTIPLE ACCOUNT AUTHORIZATION FORM.
Cost Center
(5 digits)
Natural Account
(6 digits)
Fund Code
(3 digits)
Activity Code
Project Number
(7 digits)
% of Total Cost
to be charged to
this account


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