Research Equipment Support and Engineering Services (RESES) Core

The RESES Core is available to all MCW labs and investigators on a fee-for-service basis: $57/hour with the first 15 minutes of triage/consulting free.

The RESES Core can help researchers accomplish their goals while keeping costs at a minimum.  Services include:

  • Equipment repair
  • Calibration
  • Custom precision machinery
  • New equipment setup & technical consultation
  • Integrated solutions
  • Annual service contracts at competitive rates
  • Priority response available
  • View detailed List of Services and cost estimates (pdf)

The RESES Core is staffed by David Eick, a Mechanical Design Engineer with over 26 years experience in custom designing, building, and repairing of biomedical devices.

Estimates are available upon request; please complete and submit form below.  For questions, contact David Eick.


To request service or to receive an estimate, please fill out the REQUEST for SERVICE FORM

Once you have a work order number, please complete one of the following:


Request for Service Form

Requestor Name:  
Dept Administrator:  
Location of service:
(Building & room #)

If you are not the Principal Investigator (PI), provide the name of the PI for whom you are requesting services, if applicable:

Is this request for annual/routine maintenance?     Yes    No
Please provide a brief description of the service you need:
If applicable, please provide the following information about the equipment you need servicing:
Device: (Make; Model)  
Serial Number:  

Is on-site repair required, or can the device be moved to the repair shop?

   On-site repair is required   Device is movable
Are there any safety concerns, hazards or contamination regarding device?
   Hazardous    Not hazardous

If hazardous, provide a brief description of the safety issue(s) below:

Please indicate the PRIORITY level you believe this service should be assigned.  We will make every effort to accommodate your needs based on current workload and pre-existing priorities and commitments.

   Emergency    High    Mid    Low
Date needed by:  

In order to provide a good estimate of the time/cost needed to complete requested service, triage may be required.  The first 15 minutes of triage is free.  If triage will take longer than 15 minutes, I understand that additional time will be billed at the $57/hr rate.

   I Agree    I would like further information on triage billing


Contact RESES Core

David Eick
Mechanical Design Engineer

Phone: 414-955-8543



To request service or to receive an estimate, please complete REQUEST for SERVICE FORM

Once you have a work order number, please complete one of the following:

to authorize work charged to a single account

to authorize work with costs split between multiple accounts

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