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Concussion brings increased attention

Oct. 27 - Science Watch investigated the body of knowledge, specifically peer-reviewed papers, grants, and new initiatives, surrounding concussion or mild traumatic brain injury. Michael McCrea, PhD was cited as a leading author on the topic. Science Watch

Milwaukee Magazine profiles concussion research at MCW

Oct. 8 - Milwaukee Magazine published an extensive article about MCW’s research in mild traumatic brain injury, or concussion. Michael McCrea, PhD, professor of neurosurgery and director of brain injury research; as well as Kevin Walter, MD, associate professor of orthopaedic surgery and director of pediatric and adolescent sports medicine at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, were profiled in the piece. Milwaukee Magazine

MCW-Led Concussion Advanced Research Corps Includes, Virginia Tech, UCLA, UNC

Oct. 1 - Virginia Tech University has been named to participate in the MCW-led Advanced Research Core of a $30 million project to conduct the most comprehensive study of concussion. News Medical

Auditory attention mechanisms in aging

Sept. 25 - A collaborative team of researchers from the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) has received a one-year, $50,000 grant from the Clinical and Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin (CTSI) to study changes in neural systems to better understand deficits in auditory attention, which is the ability to focus on specific sounds while ignoring others, in adults.

Treating post-traumatic stress disorder

Sept. 17 - A collaborative team of researchers from Marquette University and the Medical College of Wisconsin has received a one-year, $50,000 grant from the Clinical and Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin to study treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Potential neural treatments for autism patients

Sept. 09 - A research scientist from Marquette University has received a three-year Mentored Career Development Award from the Clinical & Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin (CTSI) to study how treatments for autism spectrum disorder affect the brain.

Preventive cure for motor impairments from fetal brain hypoxic injury

Sept. 12 - The Medical College of Wisconsin and Northshore University Healthsystem in Evanston IL, received a five-year, $2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke to study motor impairments in children.

Dr. Walter Says Right Mix of Rest and Activity Recommended for Youth Concussions

Aug. 06 - Dr. Kevin Walter tells WUWM-FM that with the right mix of rest and activity, most adolescent concussion patients recover in a few weeks and have no lasting impacts. WUWM-FM

Research on Angled Front/Side Impact Crashes

July 29 - In an ABC-TV/Channel 12 report, Frank Pintar, PhD discusses research in MCW’s Vehicle Crashworthiness Lab at the Zablocki VA Medical Center on angled front/side impact crashes. The report notes that MCW research has contributed to the development of side, curtain, and knee airbags in automobiles. Dr. David Milia discusses the types of injuries created by angled crashes that are treated at the Children’s and Froedtert Trauma Centers. WISN

Dr. Budde Receives Neilsen Foundation Grant to Study Recovery from Spinal Cord Injury

July 30 - Matthew Budde, PhD received a two-year, $300,000 grant from the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation for Spinal Cord Injury to study recovery and care for spinal cord injury patients. Wauwatosa Now

MCW and CHW on the front lines of concussion research

July 29 - A story on WUWM-FM explores the increase in concussion in children nationwide, and prevention, treatment and research around youth concussion. Kevin Walter, MD, associate professor of orthopaedic surgery and director of the Pediatric and Adolescent Sports Medicine program at Children’s Hospital, was interviewed for the story. WUWM-FM

NIH Awards $2.6 Million Grant to Study Effects of Stress in Drug Addiction Relapse

June 30 - Cecilia Hillard, PhD is co-principal investigator of a $2.6 million NIH grant awarded to John Mantsch, PhD, of Marquette University. The joint MCW/Marquette study will investigate the effects of stress in drug addiction relapse. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and GM Today

Dr. Walter Says Major Problem with Pediatric Sports Lack of Self-Reporting

June 25 - In an article in, Dr. Kevin Walter noted that one of major problems with pediatric sports concussions is self-reporting; athletes avoid reporting head injuries because they know that they will be removed from the game. On Milwaukee

Dr. Harder Receives $1.5 Million NIH Grant to Study How Astrocytes Affect Other Brain Cells

June 23 - David R. Harder, PhD received a four-year, $1.5 million grant from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute to study how astrocytes, the cells that support neurons in the brain and spinal cord, affect the genetic makeup and function of other cells in the brain. Wauwatosa Now

What you need to know about kids and concussion

June 17 - kicked off Kids and Family week with a Q&A about concussion with Kevin Walter, MD. OnMilwaukee

Fundraising Dinner for Neuroscience Research Set for June 22

June 10 - MCW’s Neuroscience Center will present the second annual Park Dinner for neuroscience and Parkinson’s disease research on Sunday, June 22, at Milwaukee’s Lake Park Bistro. Wauwatosa Now

Dr. McCrea to Co-Lead the Largest-Ever Study on Youth Sport Concussions

The National Collegiate Athletic Association and the U.S. Department of Defense announced that MCW will be one of three institutions to coordinate a $30 million grant to conduct the largest study ever on youth sport concussions and head impact exposure. WISN

Park Dinner to raise funds for neuroscience research

June 03 - The Medical College of Wisconsin’s Neuroscience Center will present the second annual Park Dinner for neuroscience and Parkinson’s disease research, Sunday, June 22, at Lake Park Bistro in Milwaukee.

Neuroscience Research Center requests proposals for pilot grants

June 03 - The Neuroscience Research Center plans to fund three categories of pilot grants to enhance research capacity in the area of neuroscience research. The program is funded through funds from the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin (AHW) Research and Education Program, and funding begins Jan. 1.

MCW to lead research for NCAA and Defense Dept. Project

May 29 - features Dr. Michael McCrea’s role in the most comprehensive initiative ever conducted for sports-related concussion. BizTimes

NCAA and DoD launch $30M concussion initiative; MCW will lead advanced research core

May 29 - The Medical College of Wisconsin has been selected to lead the research core in the most comprehensive study of concussion and head impact exposure in sports ever conducted.

Dr. McCrea to Address Psychologists Convention on Sport-Related Concussion

May 22 - Michael McCrea, PhD will present on “Scientific Update on Sport-Related Concussion: What Does the Evidence Tell Us?” at the American Psychological Association’s annual convention in August. American Psychological Association

Brain and spinal cord Injury research programs at VA

May 22 - The Medical College of Wisconsin and the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center are collaborating to improve the lives of those with brain and spinal cord injuries.

Researcher awarded $1.02 million grant for spinal cord injury research

May 22 - The Medical College of Wisconsin has received a four-year, $1.02 million grant from the Department of Veterans Affairs Rehabilitation Research and Development Division for spinal cord injury research.

Dr. Walter Reports No Sports Helmet Can Prevent Concussions.

May 21 - In a USA Today article on sports helmets, Dr. Kevin Walter cautions that sports helmet manufacturers are getting savvy and market their products in a manner that implies that the helmets prevent concussions. USA Today

Dr. Scaglione Receives $740,000 NIH Grant to Study How Neurons Clear Toxic Proteins

May 06 - Matthew Scaglione, PhD received a three-year, $740,000 grant from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders to investigate how neurons clear toxic proteins involved in neurodegenerative disease. Biz Times

May is National Stroke Awareness Month

May 05 - Stroke is the No. 4 cause of death and leading cause of disability in the U.S., but many Americans do not think of stroke as a major health concern.

Craig Nielsen Foundation awards $300,000 grant to MCW for spinal cord injury research

May 02 - Researchers in the Department of Neurosurgery were awarded a two-year, $300,000 grant from the Craig Nielsen Foundation for Spinal Cord Injury Research.

MCW receives grant supporting research in neurodegenerative disease

April 30 - The Medical College of Wisconsin has received a three-year, $740,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke funding research investigating how neurons clear toxic proteins involved in neurodegenerative disease.

How to Achieve a Runner’s High

A story in Runner’s World Magazine cites Dr. Cecilia Hillard’s research on sleep and endocannabinoids. Runner’s World

$1.02 million grant for spinal cord injury research

Apr 24 - Researchers in the Department of Neurosurgery have been awarded a four-year, $1.02 million grant from the Department of Veterans Affairs Rehabilitation Research and Development Division to study diffusion MRI imaging as a method to prognosticate function in spinal cord injury patients.

Neuroprotective drug research for back injury

Apr 24 - Shekar Kurpad, MD, associate professor of neurosurgery, discusses new research of neuroprotective drugs that could possibly minimize the severity of injuries of the spine. WUWM-FM

Dr. Antuono to Speak at Program for Alzheimer’s Disease Caregivers

Apr 23 - Dr. Piero Antuono will be guest speaker on April 16 at a program for Alzheimer disease patient caregivers. Brown Deer Now

Dr. Fehr Finds that Girls Suffer Concussions Worse than Boys

April 23 - CBS-TV news and multiple additional news outlets reported on a study by Dr. Shayne Fehr that found that girls who suffer a concussion may have more severe symptoms that last longer compared to boys. CBS News, Health Day and US News

Girls Suffer Worse Concussions, Study Suggests

Apr 14 - Girls who suffer concussions may have more severe symptoms that last longer than boys, according to new research published by Shayne Fehr, MD. US News & World Report

Learn to Identify the Warning Signs of Stroke

Mar 26 - Osama Zaidat, MD, professor of neurology and director of the neurointerventional program, appeared on Fox 6’s program “Studio A” to discuss the warning signs of stroke. WITI-TV

Anatomage makes virtual dissection a reality

To complement the traditional anatomy experience, MCW acquired a state-of-the-art Anatomage Table last year. With a high resolution, life-size touchscreen, the technology offers students, residents and faculty the ability to view the human body from countless viewpoints and cross sections to further their understanding through virtual dissection.

Dr. Jesmanowicz Utilizes Functional Connectivity MRI to Enhance Brain Activity Measurements

Mar 18 - An article in Electronic Design focuses on the work of Andrzej Jesmanowicz, PhD. Electronic Design

Program’s Goal is to Delay Onset of Alzheimer’s Disease among Elderly

Mar 11 - Dr. Malgorzata Franczak notes that physical and cognitive help can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Research of young neuroscience investigators supported by funding from BMO Harris Bank

Feb. 25 - For the second consecutive year, BMO Harris Bank is supporting research at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) with the potential to improve treatment options and advance cures for people with neurological diseases. The organization’s latest $50,000 gift provides critical research resources for faculty in MCW’s Neuroscience Center.

Touched by Parkinson’s, Bonnie Timarac responds with service on MCW’s Neuroscience Center Board

Feb. 17 - Bonnie Timarac shared a passion for design and entrepreneurship with her mother, Betty Johnson, a Milwaukee pioneer in interior decorating. Betty Johnson Interiors was the signature studio of its kind for decades, and Bonnie grew the business alongside her mother from the 1960s until it was sold in the 1990s.

Graduate student aims at brain research

Using technology and tools that the Medical College of Wisconsin was a world leader in developing, a PhD student in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and her faculty mentor are pursuing brain research with potential to benefit cancer patients.

Caledonia Woman Regains the Ability to Walk through New Gait and Balance Technology

Feb 6 - A Racine Journal Times article reports on the recovery of a Caledonia woman who lost the ability to walk from a massive stroke. In less than a month later, Joan Schacht regained the ability to walk through the ZeroG Gait and Balance Training System. The Journal Times

Dr. McCrea Discusses Concussion Research Grant from GE Health and National Football League

Feb 6 - In interviews with Wisconsin Public Radio and the Dubuque Telegraph Herald, Michael McCrea, PhD, discusses the $300,000 grant he received from GE Health and the National Football League to conduct concussion research. Wisconsin Public Radio &

Patient Creates Fundraising Event for Stroke Research

Jan 28 - profiled Gina Gruenwald, who suffered a massive stroke in 2009, on her recovery and efforts to support MCW stroke research through the Milwaukee Food for Thought fundraising event.

GE and National Football League Award Head Health Challenge Grant to Dr. McCrea

Jan 28 - Michael McCrea, PhD, and MCW were one of 16 entities worldwide to receive a $300,000 Head Health Challenge grant from General Electric and the National Football League. Milwaukee Business Journal, The Wall Street Journal, CBS 58 News, GE Reports, & 3 other sources

Pioneering eye care benefits generations

A landmark advance more than 35 years ago has improved vision dramatically for thousands of patients with diabetic eye disease. Today, vision research at the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Eye Institute seeks to actually prevent retinal eye disease.

Dr. Hillard Reports that “Contact High” from Marijuana Smoke is Psychological Phenomenon

Jan 21 - Cecilia Hillard, PhD, said that a “contact high” from exposure to marijuana smoke is a psychological phenomenon. Business Insider

Canadian TV Channel Reports on Crash Lab Research into Back Injuries

Jan 21 - Discovery Channel Canada came to Milwaukee to prepare an in-depth report on MCW’s Vehicle Crash Laboratory at the Zablocki VA Medical Center. Discovery Channel Canada

High tech medicine: App to improve outcomes from deep brain stimulation

Jan. 15 - The Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) of Southeast Wisconsin has awarded a $25,000 “Innovations in Healthcare Delivery Pilot Model Grant” to develop a clinical decision support system to manage patients receiving deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease.

Study that Finds Concussion Tests’ Marketing Lacks Reliability and Validity

Dec 27 - Michael McCrea, PhD, is co-author of a study in Neuropsychology Review that found inconsistent reliability and validity of tests on commercially available computerized neurocognitive tests on concussions. Health Canal

Carthage College Football Players Participate in Sports-Concussion Research Study

Dec 27 - A Kenosha News article focuses on the participation of Carthage College’s football team in a sports-related concussion study being conducted by Michael McCrea, PhD. Kenosha News

New 7T GE MRI scanner will advance cutting-edge neuroscience research

Dec. 11 - A 42-ton 7T magnet arrived at the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Center for Imaging Research on Dec. 5. It will be the centerpiece of a new, powerful Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner designated for cutting-edge neuroscience research.

42-Ton, 7-Tesla Magnet Arrives at College

Dec 18 - A 42-ton, 7-Tesla magnet was lowered into place in MCW’s Imaging Research Center after being transported from England and across half the nation. The Business Journal

Concussion Discussion

Dec 17 - A concussion study involving the use of accelerometers to measure the direction, speed, force and length of hits in Carthage College football players was the subject of a story. Kenosha News

Marquette Cheerleader Knows Danger of Concussions Firsthand

Dec 13 - Kevin Walter, MD, discusses concussion symptoms, treatment and recovery in a Fox 6 report. WITI-TV

Dr. McCrea Discusses Research on Football-Related Concussions

Dec 11 - Michael McCrea, PhD, discusses his research on football-related concussions in an interview with Green Bay’s NBC-TV/Channel 26.

Dr. Walter Provides Editorial Comment on Need for School Accommodations for Concussions

Nov 8 - Dr. Kevin Walter provides an editorial comment in Family Practice News on the importance of an American Academy of Pediatrics clinical report that recommends school accommodations that should be made for students recovering from concussion. Family Practice News

Study Finds that No Brand of Football Helmet improves Protection against Concussions

Nov 8 - The Los Angeles Times reports on a joint MCW - UW Madison research study on head injuries received by high school football players. Los Angeles Times

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