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Researcher to investigate Leptospira

Nov. 6 - Jenifer Coburn, PhD has been awarded an NIH grant to study the mechanisms of leptospira bacteria. Wauwatosa Now

HPV Vaccine’s power to prevent cancer

Nov. 5 - A story in US News and World Report discusses the slow uptake of the HPV vaccine. The vaccine prevents transmission of the HPV virus, the number one cause of cervical cancer. Rodney Willoughby, MD believes the sexual nature of virus transmission is the main reason parents have been reticent to administer the vaccine to children. US News and World Report,

The HPV vaccine’s power to prevent cancer

Nov. 3 - U.S. News and World Report explores the slow uptake of the HPV vaccine, which prevents human papilloma virus, or HPV. U.S. News and World Report

MCW researcher to investigate leptospira bacteria

Oct. 27 - The Medical College of Wisconsin has received a two-year, $420,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to advance the understanding of leptospirosis, a serious bacterial infection affecting humans and animals, and how it establishes persistent infection in the kidney.

Dr. Singh Discusses Ebola Preparedness

Oct. 20 - Dr. Sid Singh (Associate Chief Medical Officer for Froedtert and MCP; Medicine – General Internal) provided expert comment on Ebola preparedness to several media outlets. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Fox 6 Now, WUWM, WTAQ and WTMJ 620

Symposium to Address Ebola-Preparedness

Oct. 16 - Froedtert & MCW will co-sponsor a symposium on Ebola-preparedness on October 14 at the Italian Community Center. Other co-sponsors are: Aurora Health Care, the City of Milwaukee Health Department, and the Wisconsin Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program. Milwaukee Business Journal

Report on Israeli Rabies Study Notes Jeanna Giese’s Successful Recovery

Oct. 15 - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Israeli researchers discovered the mechanism used by the rabies virus when it enters the central nervous system. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Sanders Describes Need for Strong Primary Care Health System to Address Ebola

Oct. 8 - In an opinion editorial in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Dr. James Sanders (Family & Community Medicine) writes that Wisconsin must have a strong primary care health system in place to address potential health issues like Ebola. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Singh Cautions the Public to Not Panic about Ebola

Oct. 7 - In news reports on Fox-TV/Channel 6, NBC-TV/Channel 4, and CBS-TV/Channel 58, Dr. Sid Singh reassures the public chances are small that Ebola will spread in the United States. Fox 6 Now, CBS58 and WTMJ4

Dr. Coburn Receives $1.5 Million NIH Grant to Advance Understanding of Leptospirosis

Jenifer Coburn, PhD received a four-year, $1.5 million grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to advance the understanding of leptospirosis, a serious bacterial infection affecting humans and animals worldwide. Wauwatosa Now

MCW researcher to investigate the bacterial-host interactions in leptospirosis

Oct. 2 - The Medical College of Wisconsin has received a four-year, $1.5 million grant from the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to advance the understanding of leptospirosis, a serious bacterial infection affecting humans and animals worldwide.

Dr. Chusid Discusses Contamination Risks Associated with Ebola Virus

Oct. 2 - Dr. Michael Chusid provides expert comment to Fox-TV News on contamination risks associated with the Ebola virus. Fox News

Dr. Spellecy Discusses Patient Privacy Issues Related to Media Coverage on Ebola

Aug. 12 - Ryan Spellecy, PhD provides expert comment to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on whether patient privacy was violated as the media reported on two Americans being treated for Ebola at Emory University. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Ebola patients’ privacy is in quarantine

Aug. 08 - Ryan Spellecy, PhD, associate professor of bioethics and medical humanities, discusses patient privacy and the media in an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Jackson Receives $2.2 Million NIH Grant to Study How Viruses Become Infectious

June 10 - William Jackson, PhD received a five-year, $2.2 million grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease to study the ways in which specific viruses become infectious. Wauwatosa Now

Dr. Willoughby discusses impact of travel on measles, other diseases

May 14 - In an interview with WUWM-FM, Dr. Rodney Willoughby discusses the impact of travel on the resurgence of such diseases as measles, mumps, whooping cough, and polio. WUWM

Dr. Willoughby Discusses Cases Where Strep Throat Leads to Toxic Shock, Death

Apr 23 - In an article in Everyday Health, Dr. Rodney Willoughby discusses rare cases in which the bacteria responsible for causing strep throat — group A Streptococcus — can penetrate beyond the superficial surfaces of the body and lead to necrotizing fasciitis, toxic shock syndrome, and even death. Everyday Health

Study Involving Dr. Fangman Finds Addicts in Rural Areas Often Aren’t Screened for Hepatitis C

April 23 - Dr. John Fangman is a co-author of a study reported in Harm Reduction Journal that found that intravenous drug users in rural areas are often not screened for hepatitis C. Drug Addiction Treatment

Indian Newspaper Recognizes Dr. Willoughby for Contributions to Rabies Treatment

Mar 5 - A column on rabies in India’s The Hindu newspaper traces the contribution of Dr. Rodney Willoughby and his development of the Milwaukee Protocol as the only regimen recognized to save rabies patients. The Hindu

Dr. Obermyer Reports that Most Flu Patients are in their 20s, 30s

Jan 28 - Dr. Mark Obermyer reported that most flu patients he has treated this year in are their 20s and 30s on a news report on WUWM-FM. WUWM-FM

Dr. Obermyer Provides Tips to Avoid the Flu

Jan 13 - Dr. Mark Obermyer provides tips on how to avoid the flu. Fox 6 News

Dr. Coburn Comments on Importance of Study on Lyme Disease

Dec 27 - Jenifer Coburn, PhD, provides expert comment to The Scientist on the importance of a University of Calgary/University of Connecticut study that found that a protein expressed in the bacterium that causes Lyme disease is necessary for both parts of the organism’s life cycle. The Scientist

Dr. Ledeboer Endorses Need for Updated HIV Algorithm

Dec 27 - Nathan Ledeboer, PhD, endorsed the development of an updated algorithm for HIV testing. CAP Today

Dr. Ledeboer Discusses New Tests Providing Faster Results for Sepsis

Dec 18 - Nate Ledeboer, PhD, said that new testing procedures for sepsis have reduced the waiting time for results to 50 hours, days sooner than previous methods. WUWM-FM

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