NIH Federal Procedure Guides


NIH Fellowships (F30, F32, etc.) 12.2012
F-series predoctoral and postdoctoral fellowship opportunities for training leading to advanced degrees and/or specified health-related fields.

NIH K-series Applications (K01, K08, K23, etc.) 06.2014
K-series prepares qualified individuals for careers that have a significant impact on the health related research needs of the nation.  

NIH S10 Shared Instrumentation Grant (SIG) Program 04.2014
The NIH ORIP SIG program encourages applications from groups of NIH-supported investigators to purchase or upgrade a single item of expensive, specialized, commercially available instrumentation or an integrated system that costs at $100,000.  

NIH Training Programs (T32, T35, etc.) 01.2013
T-series projects offer predoctoral and postdoctoral research training opportunities for careers in biomedical, behavioral, and clinical research.  

NIH Pathway to Independence Award (K99/R00) 12.2011
These awards provide 1-2 years of mentored support for advanced post-doctoral research scientists followed by up to 3 years of independent support.  

NIH Mulitple-PI Applications 05.2014
The NIH accepts applications that have multiple Program Director/Principal Investigators (PIs), with the goal of encouraging collaboration among equals when it is the most appropriate way to address a scientific problem.  

SF424 RR Budget w/more than 10 subs 09.2011
Instructions for completing eBridge SmartForms, Budget, and Subcontract Budgets for SF424 applications.  

NIH Change of Grantee /PI Transferring to MCW 06.2014

If a new faculty member joins MCW, and has active NIH grants he or she intends to transfer from a former institution use this guide to determine how to proceed.


Letter of Intent (LOI) 04.2014
LOI is used when an institution is submitting an application to a sponsor and intends to collaborate a portion of the project with another organization.  

Statement of Work (SOW) 04.2011
A SOW is a detailed summary that describes the work to be performed.

NIH Post-submission (Supplemental) Materials  10.2011
The NIH allows limited post-submission (supplemental) materials to be submitted after a grant application, but prior to initial peer review.  

NIH Change of Grantee - PIs Leaving MCW 05.2014
If a faculty member at MCW is the Principal Investigator (PI) of an awarded NIH grant, and decides to leave MCW for another institution, use this guide to determine the options for the grant.  

Request a No-Cost Extension (NCE) 04.2014
An NCE is a one-time extension for up to 12 months beyond the original project period end date.  

Just-In-Time (JIT) 08.2011
The NIH uses JIT procedures for program and award mechanisms that allow certain elements of an application to be submitted later in the application process.  

NIH Change of Grantee /PI Transferring to MCW 06.2014
If a new faculty member joins MCW, and has active NIH grants he or she intends to transfer from a former institution use this guide to determine how to proceed.

NIH Closeout Documents 10.2011
The NIH requires final closeout documents within 90 days of expired, terminated, or transferred grants.

Request Initiation of a Subcontract 06.2011
Subcontracts requests are initiated by the MCW PI or department staff, and are sent to the GCO staff member who supports a department for processing.

 Reporting Resources

In your NIH RPPR, select Signing Official David Mattson in A.2 and Administrative Official April Haverty in A.3.

How to Submit an NIH RPPR 04.2013
The NIH as of May 1, 2013 is making use of the RPPR module in eRA Commons mandatory.

How RPPR Differs from eSNAP 04.2013
Review the Differences and Similarities for RPPR as they compare to eSNAP reporting.

NIH RPPR Instruction Guide 07.2014
NIH Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) Instruction Guide.

Tips for Completing the RPPR 04.2013
Instructions for completing the RPPR, Deadlines, Checking Errors, Saving in RPPR.

eRA Commons: xTrain Module Resources 12.2010
xTrain is a module in eRA Commons that provides NIH training and career development.

eRA Commons: xTrain User Guide 04.2014
xTrain is the module in eRA Commons that handles forms & information for NIH training and Fellowship awards.

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