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November 2014


New NIH Requirement: Descriptions on the Use of IDPs in RPPRs

NIH annual progress reports received on/after October 1, 2014 must include a section to describe how individual development plans (IDPs) are used to identify and promote the career goals of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers associated with the award. NIH does not require, but strongly encourages, institutions to develop and use IDPs for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers supported by NIH awards, regardless of their position title.

Beginning on October 1, 2014, NIH progress reports using the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) must include a report on the use of IDPs in Section B. Accomplishments, Question B.4. Actual IDPs should not be included. Instead, PIs will need to report on whether they use IDPs for all the graduate students and postdoctoral researchers included in Section D. List of Participants. The RPPR needs to include a brief description of how and whether IDPs are used to help manage the career development of students and postdocs associated with that award. A similar response is required for all T, F, K, R25, R13, D43 and other awards or award components designed to provide training and professional development opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

The MCW GCO will be emailing this notice to the PIs and associated department staff who have an RPPR due in the next coming months, to ensure all investigators are aware of the change and include this information in their NIH progress reports. If you have questions regarding IDPs, please contact Julie Tetzlaff, PhD, Assistant Dean of Postdoctoral Education, 955-5894. Refer to the complete NIH Notice for more information.


New NIH Requirement: Use of New Inclusion Management System (IMS) Required as of October 17, 2014

NIH has added a new feature to eRA Commons, the Inclusion Management System (IMS), for reporting sex/gender, race, and ethnicity information as required by the NIH Policy on the Inclusion of Women and Minorities in Clinical Research. The new Inclusion Management System will be released October 17, 2014, and will take advantage of the structured inclusion data being collected on competing applications to pre-populate inclusion data records and allow grantees to directly manage their inclusion data in the system throughout the awarded project period.

NIH grantees completing their RPPR will be prompted in Item G.4.b to access and update inclusion records directly in IMS. Going forward, PIs will be able to access their inclusion enrollment data through the IMS, found through the eRA Commons Status page, and can review or update their inclusion data as needed. For more information on IMS and the NIH changes to reporting this information, see the complete NIH Notice.


NIH Operates Under a Continuing Resolution

The NIH is currently operating under a Continuing Resolution (CR) which continues government operations through December 11, 2014 at the FY2014 level. Until FY2015 appropriations are enacted by Congress, the NIH will issue non-competing Continuations at a level below that previously committed (generally up to 90% of the recommended level listed on the last/current NOA). This is consistent with the practice during the CRs of FY 2006 – 2014. After FY2015 appropriations are enacted, awards may be adjusted upwards closer to previously recommended levels. See NOT-OD-15-001 for more information.


Revised GCO Procedure Guide for Funding from the VA

PIs that hold joint appointments at the Zablocki Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VA) and MCW can receive funding from the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs awarded to the VA. Funding from a VA Merit Award can be used to support MCW personnel on a VA Merit Award research project. To set up a project account at MCW in order to fund the MCW personnel on the VA Merit Award research project from the award, please reference the revised GCO Procedure Guide found here.


Grants and Contracts Office Website: New FAQs Section!

The Grants and Contracts Office has created a new FAQ Section on our website for MCW faculty and staff. Questions and answers have been developed to provide important guidance and additional information on frequently asked questions as they relate to grant and contract sponsors, processes and policies. The questions are divided by subject and sponsor type (i.e. NIH, Non-Profit, etc.) and additional questions and answers are being added monthly, so check back often for new information. If you have a question that isn’t yet answered in the FAQs, click on the available link to submit it to the GCO so it can be answered in a future update to the GCO FAQs section.


NIH eRA Commons User IDs Mandatory for Graduate and Undergraduate Students in October 2014

Beginning in October 2014, NIH will require an eRA Commons ID for all individuals in graduate and undergraduate student roles who participate in NIH-funded projects for at least one person month or more. The IDs will be required on the All Personnel portion of NIH progress reports, including those submitted on paper using the DHHS Public Health Service Grant Continuation Progress Report (PHS2590), and electronically using the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR). Currently a warning is generated when an RPPR is submitted in eRA Commons that lists individuals with a graduate or undergraduate student role who have not established an eRA Commons ID. Beginning in October 2014, RPPRs lacking the eRA Commons ID for Graduate and Undergraduate Students will receive an error, and the RPPR will not be accepted by the NIH without this information. The MCW GCO encourages all PIs and departments to begin requesting eRA Commons accounts now for students who do not currently have an account and need to be listed on NIH personnel reports. A Request eRA Commons Account form needs to be completed, signed and emailed to the GCO at for each student.  See the NIH Notice for more information.


Upcoming Application Deadlines: NIH, Non Profit and Internal MCW Sponsors

The first section of the timetable below displays the standard deadlines for upcoming NIH competing applications, and the date those applications are due to the MCW GCO.  For more information or to find the NIH Standard Due Dates for other NIH funding mechanisms, visit the NIH website.

The second section displays upcoming deadlines for various Non-Profit sponsors and the due dates to GCO.  Please note, some of these grant opportunities require submission of a Letter of Intent with an earlier submission deadline.  Please check each sponsor’s RFA/RFP for full submission details and requirements.

The third section displays upcoming MCW Internal Sponsor deadlines and the due dates to GCO.  For more information on these programs, search on MCW Infoscope.

If you have questions regarding the 5-day submission deadline, refer to the MCW Corporate policy. The policy is located on Infoscope>Research Resources>Grants & Contracts Policies>Timing Requirements.


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