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Conversations for Change

Beginning in September 2014, the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin (AHW) endowment will host the first event in a series called Conversations for Change.

At each Conversation, the AHW endowment will invite a content expert and representatives from funded projects to facilitate discussion about issues influencing health in Wisconsin. The goal is to develop shared understanding about where we are on a particular issue and what proven or innovative strategies could be implemented in the near future to create significant, positive change.

The second session, which will be held in Eau Claire on Thursday, September 19, 2014, will focus on prevention and treatment of alcohol and other drug abuse.

On October 16, 2014, the third session will be in held in Milwaukee and will focus on improving health literacy and developing cultural competency to reduce disparities in Wisconsin's communities. 

The fourth session, which will be held in Green Bay on October 31, 2014, will focus on leveraging data intelligence to drive community strategies.

Past Sessions 

The first session was in Milwaukee on September 17, 2014 and focused on improving access to health care services as well as on implementing more effective approaches for managing chronic disease.

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