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Advanced Ocular Imaging Program - Improving vision through advanced imaging

MCW Medical Students reviewing retinal imagesFounded in 2009, the Advanced Ocular Imaging Program provides an infrastructure to promote the development and use of translational ocular imaging tools to improve detection, diagnosis, and management of eye disease.  While we specialize in adaptive optics retinal imaging, we employ a variety of ocular imaging tools to study the visual system.  Our focus is to develop imaging tools and approaches that enable earlier detection of disease as well as more precise classification of disease – both of which provide a valuable starting point for efforts to treat eye disease. Read more about our history.

Our program members include vision scientists, clinicians, and engineers at the Medical College of Wisconsin (more about our facilities).  In addition, we have established numerous collaborations with researchers around the world and welcome new collaborations.  The AOIP serves as a local, national, and international resource for advancing the field of ocular imaging and for translating adaptive optics technology into a clinically relevant imaging tool.  To this end, one of our guiding principles is open dissemination of our data and software. Review our News page for the latest information about our program and visit our Publications page to review all of our scientific publications.

Whether you are a patient seeking information about our research studies, a student looking for a summer research project, a potential sponsor of our program, or a colleague interested in learning about our latest research advances, we hope you find our website to be both interesting and informative.

Advanced Ocular Imaging Program
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